Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Worst Elites Ever

Someone, Ryan Landry I think, made an interesting point that I'm going to have to paraphrase because I cannot find where I read it:

Barack Obama's policy of abusing his constituents differed very little from previous administrations, and yet it was only during his presidency that we experienced the first real display of revolt through the Tea Party movement. Why? Probably because rulers must look like the ruled in order to best cement their claim to authority.

If you are responsible for recently writing the above sentiment, sorry for butchering that quote. I suspect the idea is true though. Case in point, African Americans. My general understanding is that the Negro resents White authority, never mind other issues like average IQ and time preference that may not be helping them, ah, acclimate to White standards in the way that the Chinese do, for instance. That's neither here nor there.

My more pressing concern is White Leftists. The incongruity between the race of the ruler and the ruled is currently not the sort of thing White Leftists burn too many calories over outside of flagrant and exaggerated displays of public virtue vis-a-vis vocal demonstrations of concern for unfortunate non-Whites. This is because deep down inside, your average White Leftist sees him, her, xir-self as a sort of embryonic Elite. Globalists-in-waiting I sometimes like to call them. I've heard people call them aspirational urbanites. You get the general idea.

White Leftism appears to be running into the same sort of problem Barack Obama ran into: The revolt of the other. I have long thought that the conventional way of looking at the sort of snot nosed frizzy haired mulatto chicks that haunt liberal arts classrooms may be backwards in the same way that common thought on White Flight is backwards:

We think of White Flight in terms of Whites fleeing the violence and social decay associated with the Black underclass. A few of us do a little better by pointing out the malfeasance of coin clutching merchants, but I still find this dissatisfying, in part because of the implied conspiracy and in part because of the danger of spiraling into the sort of blame game Negros without agency play with their White overlords. Really the two are one in the same at the end of the day.

White Flight is really Whites fleeing the consequences of White Leftism. While it is understandable that a young couple with a child on the way may not want their kid to grow up surrounded by urban ferals, what is particularly grating is finding your crunchy conservative White community has a growing infestation of White Leftists who, you guessed it, moved here basically to leech off your "good schools" and bitch about how there's not enough diversity. The resentment coming out of Texas, Montana and Colorado now that former swathes of Red Empire must reckon with Blue Empire transplants fleeing the fall of Californee-eye-ay (and the transplants the transplants transplant, if you follow me) is... impressive. Sometimes I genuinely believe that we all might wake up one day to discover that the cities have been walled off by men who now patrol the walls, shooting at anyone who attempts to scale the barricades.

We also think about the wayward and chaotic antics of Black Lives Matter in a sort of backwards fashion:

Black Lives Matter and Black iterations of the great postmodern academic machine are Blacks attempting to get prestige through imitating Whites. A solid, recent illustration of this phenomenon comes from the "open" letter a group of Black students sent to the president of Pomona College. Many people might find this hard to get through without raging, because number one, the religion these preachers preach is essentially devoted to the destruction of you and your ethnicity, your history, your culture and your memory. Most people react to this extremely negatively if they bother to sit down and go through it. Having sat through my fair share of BLM poetry during my undergraduate, I understand. But more than that, it's pretty easy to get lost in how stupid this letter is. Even for postmodernism, which in and of itself is no paragon of hifalutin intellectual stimulation, Black postmodernism, much like Black Twitter, is astonishingly stupid. Well, astonishingly stupid if you're unfamiliar with the average IQ of African Americans.

But if you look closely at the word choice, you'll notice a pattern: Peering through the obvious malice you should notice the hamfisted attempt to join cliche postmodern phrases together in an attempt to imitate White status seekers:

Free speech, a right many freedom movements have fought for, has recently become a tool appropriated by hegemonic institutions. It has not just empowered students from marginalized backgrounds to voice their qualms and criticize aspects of the institution, but it has given those who seek to perpetuate systems of domination a platform to project their bigotry. Thus, if “our mission is founded upon the discovery of truth,” how does free speech uphold that value? The notion of discourse, when it comes to discussions about experiences and identities, deters the ‘Columbusing’ of established realities and truths (coded as ‘intellectual inquiry’) that the institution promotes. Pomona cannot have its cake and eat it, too. Either you support students of marginalized identities, particularly Black students, or leave us to protect and organize for our communities without the impositions of your patronization, without your binary respectability politics, and without your monolithic perceptions of protest and organizing. In addition,non-Black individuals do not have the right to prescribe how Black people respond to anti-Blackness.
Notice the jargon. Perhaps my proximity to wretched postmodernists has enhanced my sense of suspicion, but I see this more as a very poor imitation of the shit-tier political and philosophical rhetoric wretched Whites use as a cudgel against Dad, Chad, and Stacey Sorority. I see this less as naked Black interest per se. Like the degenerated version of an already degenerated philosophy on display in the quote above, what you're seeing is the Black version of the scramble for individual status and resources. Steve Sailer once mused whether Ta Nehisi Coates' animosity towards Whites was a sort of purgatorial masquerade hiding his own sense of guilt for joining the White status climbers and fleeing the company of his co-nationals for the cushy life as a Liberal's pet.

That's all well and fine, but a bit tangential. With the increase in incidents where Blacks and other minorities tell White allies to stand aside silently, I suspect that we're witnessing the unraveling of the last thread of defacto White leadership of the coalition of the ascendant. I am not necessarily saying that Blacks alone are going to rise to the cream of the Elite crop, as there are too many conflicts among the various nations and groups that make up the coalition of the ascendant. But much like how White Leftists have played a hand in engineering the demographic downfall of their over-nation, it appears that White Leftists have unwittingly also engineered their defenestration from the top of the elite hierarchy. Not that many of them currently seem to notice, as calls for the silence of White allies are often followed by furious head-shaking in assent, but then ridiculous protestations that the White ally in question is not one of "those" Whites and totally and completely empathizes with said minority. You're a fucking white male!

The question is, then, how much longer will the squeeze be applied to the White Left before we see some sort of break? Most of the Alt-Right guys I know IRL will immediately respond with something along the lines of "until they're eaten" or something similar, implying the Leftists are just going to commit suicide. If present trends are taken to their logical conclusion, then sure, that makes sense.

I'm not entirely convinced. While garden variety White Leftists I met in college are a uniformly unimpressive bunch, their obsession with status accumulation causes me to suspect that at some point we're going to see a mass break from mainstream Leftism. Some people have hinted at the whispers of an "Alt-Left" (because even in quasi-redeemed form, Leftists still can't be original). But circling around to the paraphrased quote I started with, eventually having the boot of the other on their neck might awaken the long atrophied survival instincts within our most wretched co-nationals. Whether that bodes well for us or not remains to be seen.

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