Monday, July 3, 2017

Becoming Unhinged

From NBC News: House Democrats Attempting New Strategy To Remove Trump

You can't help but wonder what, exactly, is going on. I don't much indulge in conspiracy theories. While they are interesting and a sort of fun idle amusement, there's too much background noise to get a clear picture on certain topics.

Trump Derangement Syndrome affects the lower echelons of the Left because young Leftists aspire to elite status. Leftists, millennials in particular, are exceptionally sensitive to social rank, and take cues from the actual ruling elite. Because the ruling elite themselves have reached levels of derangement heretofore thought impossible, the masses take note and follow along. Behaving like the elite is a cheap and easy way to posture as elites. The only real question that remains to be answered with regards to pleb behavior is how much of the outrage machine will be mitigated by an improved economy? When people have jobs, money, and other ancillary concerns they tend to worry about politics a lot less. For what its worth, if the economy improves and if it becomes increasingly hard to pretend that life in the Trumpenreich is as bad as Hitler's Germany vis-a-vis jobs, falling crime rates, etc. then anticipate a decline in enthusiasm among rank and file Leftists. Over time, the culling of those whose support is not quite at the level of a True Believer (Bernie Bros might be the biggest demographic slice here) will leave only the elites and the blue hairs.

But none of that really concerns me.

Far more disturbing is the behavior of the elites. I suspect that even after the aforementioned legislation fails, they will get right back up and try something new. It is curious that they don't seem to realize the danger their behavior poses to their already tenuous grasp on power. With each failed narrative, their authority fails and more of Heritage America gets ready to make a cold civil war go live. Their behavior, particularly the assassination/morality plays, also seeps into the rank and file, who have a much larger set of mentally unhinged actors as a percentage of their population than the Right currently does. James T. Hodgkinson's Facebook was essentially a small devotional altar to the living gods of Progressive Leftism. He most certainly thought himself a martyr. The incessant crusade to remove Trump from office, essentially blowing through all the political capital in their reserves, vaguely reminds me of a scene from John Gardner's novel Grendel, where the creature Grendel is confronted by, and easily evades, a charging bull that futilely attacks him in the exact same fashion despite the lack of effect.

The question that remains to be answered, that I cannot answer, is whether or not the elite and the media are attacking Trump because they are wayward and stupid like the bull in Grendel, or because they are rationally deducing that Trump remaining in office will be a catastrophe for them.

It is entirely possible that the meta-organization of the Left, which is entirely calibrated to stay on the offensive, is completely out of their element when they're forced to defend. This may explain why none of these people have given much thought to the rumblings of hatred and rage pouring out from the hinterlands, or "flyover country" as they disparagingly call it. Removing Trump from office is sure to set off political violence, if not an outright civil war. That said, considering how devious, determined and clever the Left generally is, I can't help but suspect that the quest to remove Trump from office is a desperate last stand to hide some sort of horrible truth, and that there is far more going on here than anyone fully sees.

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