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More Bitching About White People

There is nothing quite like a well ordered garden. I worked landscaping for a while post college, and while I have always appreciated a nice yard my tenure as a paid gardener added a particular level of... horticultural awareness I might say if I wanted to sound hifalutin. Something that always exasperated me - still exasperates me - is when a well-to-do person with a large or very nice house on a beautiful property lets their garden run wild. The non-commercial properties that I worked on were almost entirely affluent, sometimes to the point of being grotesquely so, and I would always scratch my head at the rich folk who didn't take care of their property. Hiring a lawn crew to come by once a month to pick weeds does not make for a particularly aesthetic flowerbed. The Mexicans I worked with would make fun of these people, which I find amusing. I have some observations about Mexicans that maybe I'll jot down for your reading pleasure at another time.

Gardening is a sort of micro-metaphor for population dynamics in that you must pay attention to your flowerbeds, to what is growing, to the weeding and watering and levels of sunlight and the general orderliness, lest things get out of hand and the weeds choke everything. Now, you probably suspect that I'm making a metaphor about the relationship between White people and everyone else. You certainly could do such a thing with the projected population explosion of Africa. But that's for another time and to be frank Steve Sailer has that issue covered pretty well. I actually do not want to spend any more time worrying about a few extra billion people with lukewarm IQs. That comes later.

I'm actually thinking about White people as a whole. According to Brett Stevens, civilizations have an inborn flaw in that they begin to fail once they achieve success. I enjoy Brett's rhetorical style and highly recommend his book on Nihilism, and I have to tip my hat to Mr. Stevens for having stared so long into the abyss, so to speak, without descending into the madness that I see in many dissident Right-wing camps. More on that in a second - forgive me for being scattered in my thoughts, the morning is young and I am only one cup of coffee deep.

Brett's observation that civilizations begin to fail after they achieve success might appear to be a bit of a tautology if taken in isolation. He has an excellent explanation for the curious, but let me expand on that in my own way. There are two very important things you must know to understand what I'm going into - r/K selection and Calhoun's "Mouse Utopia" experiments. If you don't know anything about either, take the time to briefly go through the links provided. You don't need a degree in either subject, just passing familiarity.

r/K selection is the sort of thing that, like race, can be endlessly deconstructed into non-existence by a dutiful postmodernist. Let me preempt quibbling and deconstruction by providing the most accurate definition of the phenomenon that r/K selection attempts to describe. Instead of viewing r-selection and K-selection as two distinct, clearly divided 'camps', as it were, r/K selection should be viewed as the logical extremities of a population's breeding strategy, which is influenced by the ratio of calories available to calories burned acquiring available calories. In an environment where more calories must be burned in the acquisition, longer-term, high investment breeding and tribalistic disposition are advantageous. In an environment where the ratio of calories available to calories burned is very low, short term, low investment breeding and low tribal loyalty are more advantageous. Ultimately what we are looking at when we talk about r/K selection is what is the most efficient way to make babies given the current environment. Should the environment change one way or another, so too will the population's strategy (assuming the change isn't so drastic as to cause extinction). Calhoun's experiments showed us that in a post-scarcity environment a population will none the less head towards collapse and extinction, only through a behavioral sink instead of starvation. Where K-selection taken to its maximum is starvation, r-selection taken to its maximum, which is what Calhoun inadvertently experimented on, is also population death. This demonstrates the impossibility of post-scarcity (a signally piece of SWPL conversation flair if there ever was one), but also demonstrates the most pressing issue the Alt-Right must tackle next, now that they have achieved entry-level political legitimacy. And that issue is:

What the fuck is wrong with White People?

Talk to ten members of the Alt-Right and I guarantee you that all ten will agree with the following statement:

If I have one bullet to spend between a traitor and an open enemy, the traitor gets it.

It is curious then that so many calories are burned bitching about the Jews relative to White Leftists. Jews are not traitors per se. I hate clarifications like the vast majority of x reject y behavior, because saying such a thing is at best unquantifiable but is more often than not a rhetorical ruse designed to mollify a set population's concerns when confronted by things like spontaneously exploding Muslims. I have no way of accurately gauging the percentage of Jews that simply want to mind their own Jewish business relative to the civilization wreckers. I am well aware of the malfeasance of certain Jews, and should the day come that I install myself as Emperor, believe you me, there will be a reckoning. But the malfeasance of Globalism, Inc. is only partially attributable to a wretched set of Hebrews, who would have zero power and influence over White Amerikaners were it not for White Leftists.

And what causes White Leftists to exist? Well, Leftism, in part, is an economic theory, and because I do not care about the economy beyond a firm rejection of Communism, I have little to say about why people are inclined towards the left end of the economic spectrum. Dividing economics between Left and Right is partially confused and muddied by the malfeasance of Republicans in the thralls of Globalism, Inc. Are unions bad or good? I don't have anything to say about that. But Leftism as a social theory makes sense as a parallel to the degenerated behavior Calhoun observed in his experiments.

White people are wildly overbred. The ancient regime of Feudalism once allowed us to weed out the bad while allowing the good to flourish. We have come a long way since then, and our garden is overgrown. The most important order of business for the continuation of White civilization is a culling of the lowest quality Whites. While you may think ovens and helicopter rides, really the matter is far less serious and far less likely to generate an international response (and potentially military intervention) than outright SWPL genocide: Incentives against procreation.

The Alt-Right spends an inordinate amount of time worrying about White birthrates. It is doubtlessly true that a precipitous decline in births stemming from high financial and economic barriers to safe reproductive havens (i.e. suburbs) should be something to keep a wary eye on. As Michael Enoch has said, "Whites don't breed in captivity". Lacking the power to immediately capture the political infrastructure required to enact a wholesale deportation of all non-Whites, the Alt-Right must route around the damage wherever possible. That simply means encouraging self-aware Whites to retreat to the safe redoubt of the countryside, accepting the economic loss - which is of no consequence in the grand scheme of things - in exchange for the security the hinterlands offers. Just three hours outside of one of the worst metropolitan areas in the nation, where I live, there is nothing but White people, and, more importantly, fecund White couples. From personal experience clandestinely interviewing ruralite Whites, these people are seething with anger - somewhat misdirected - at the city folk that shit on them at every turn. With the rate of reproduction I noted among couples, usually something like three or four kids per couple, the countryside is an army in waiting. The only thing they lack is officers and direction. As affirmative action squeezes Whites out of college, and therefore out of the requisite four year certificate to move to the city to work as a desk jockey for a cushy salary, both the percentage of Whites and the real number of Whites in the city doing the SWPL thing will decline, especially considering the paltry birthrate among White leftists. We have not yet seen a full accounting of the lack of births among Millennials. As the blue hairs pass into their thirties this contraction will become more noticeable, which in turn will exacerbate the ethnic awakening among Whites.

The most pressing concern therein is keeping White leftists away from the hinterland redoubts. The select few married White Liberals I know have already abandoned the fashionable and hip inner city for the security of the suburbs as they attempt to breed. When they say they're looking for 'good schools' remember to tell them that you already know that means 'no niggers' so they might as well speak plainly. Anyways, "White flight", as it is currently defined, is not understood correctly. White flight isn't just fleeing from the social decay that a third world population brings to a White enclave, White flight is Whites fleeing from the insane and destructive policies that White leftists foist upon all Whites through their obsession with Diversity™. The reason I despise White Leftists can be boiled down to the fact that White Leftists advocate for whatever positions grant them the greatest amount of social capital, and then whatever costs are associated with their positions are imposed upon everyone other than themselves. If White Leftists, who really are Top-Globalists-in-Waiting (they imagine this themselves, doubt you not), were forced to deal with the consequences of their actions, none of this would be a problem. You want to bring in refugees? Okay, fine, but you must house them, you must bear the costs of integrating them and, most importantly, any crime that they commit you shall likewise suffer the consequences. So in a sane world, if a refugee committed a crime that warranted the death sentence, his sponsor would share his fate. We do not live in a sane world, so the last sentence - a little piece of LARPing - should be tucked away in the back of your head when the time comes to rebuild Western Civilization. A few years ago an area of rural Colorado that was so frustrated by the bullying tactics of the populous SWPL citadels attempted to secede. While this attempt failed, what is important isn't the tactic, it's the intent and the sentiment. White ruralites, who outpace their SWPL brethren in births, are fucking pissed. They're so angry that they threw a Hail Mary to elect Donald fucking Trump to the highest office of the United States. If Leftist Whites had any awareness whatsoever outside of a finger on the pulse of whatever grants them the most status per syllable, they would be utterly terrified of what White ruralites might do next. The only thing that remains to screen them from the wrath of Heritage America are their wayward minority mercenaries, and it appears that their ability to control the ascendant part of the Coalition of the Ascendant is all but spent. If they find themselves hemmed in on all sides, so be it. Let them perish. They deserve no sympathy, and allowing them to remain, to procreate, and to intermingle among Heritage America will only ensure that the sickness inside them propagates among future generations. At some point, the most wretched of our tribe must be physically, materially and spiritually expelled from our ranks.

The ultimate target isn't minorities. Its not Jews or Negros or Mestizos. Everything is a smokescreen blocking us from seeing the absolutely most pressing issue: We must remove the sickness of White Liberalism to secure a future for White children. White Liberalism is the thermal exhaust port of Globalism, Inc, the glue holding our insane world together. Everything else we do is potshots that will never amount to anything. Dylan Roof was a catastrophic failure because he targeted minorities, around whomst the Coalition of the Ascendant rallied. Anders Breivik was resoundingly successful because he executed the children of White Norwegian Socialists. No minorities rallied to their cause. Convert whoever can be. Do not expect much success there. Purge the rest. The only strategy that can possibly work against the "Diversity Is Our Strength" crowd is divide and conquer, but the first domino to fall must, must be White Leftism, or else the fractious coalition will rally together. Without White Leftism gluing them together, Negros and Hispanics and Transexuals and Muslims will quickly fall into infighting. Minorities of all varieties only take advantage of us because they see us as supplicating and weak. Minority experience of Whites is largely confined to the educated SWPL class, which taints their perception of Whites as a group. If minorities are made to see Whites as an armed, hostile and monolithic group ready willing and able to defend themselves, their leaders will quickly move to the negotiating table, because at one point in time all of these groups went toe to toe with armed White hostiles and lost. Hard.

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