Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Worst Elites Ever, an addendum

What is particularly curious about the White Liberal elites is how eager they are to be supplanted by their own mercenaries. Or, perhaps, how oblivious they seem to be. When minorities command that Whites be silent in their presence, what does the White Leftist think they mean? Everyone but you? That's a rhetorical question.

So White Leftists are under siege from both sides: On one hand, minorities that resent their status as mercenaries have begun making serious grabs at power, status and resources, and on the other hand White implicit and explicit ethno-nationalists have rallied around the Trump insurrection. The minorities, despite their rapidly depleting ranks of high-competence, high-IQ individuals through the dysgenic crucible of the university system, are given a free boost through White Leftists worship of all things not White. So far as I can tell, the impediments holding the Alt-Right back are these:

1. Neuroticism about the Jews masking an effective strategy at fracturing the coalition of the ascendant. Remove the White Leftist glue and the coalition fractures. Divide and conquer.

2. Failure to see themselves as an ascendant elite. The Alt-Right must not see themselves as the heralds of a better order, they must effectively sell themselves as the best order.

Both of these points are worth posts in and of themselves, and will be revisited in short order.

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