Monday, September 25, 2017

Quick Reactions II

We focus on recent or semi-recent tradition, and the loss thereof, that I thought it wise to take a moment to step back for a little perspective. Really, really far back.

Hands down the most interesting class I took during my undergraduate was History of the English Language. My professor was a classicist who specialized in medieval English poetry and was, thankfully, actually interested in her line of work and not deconstructing it. She could also speak Old English, which was fascinating, though I think it bored most of the rest of my peers. This woman earned an extraordinary sense of gratitude from yours truly, because despite generally liking my professors, no one else even came close to this woman. I seldom gave anything more than the old college try, being generally disgruntled and apathetic to the whole stupid system, but she earned my full effort.

Modern English is ultimately traced back to a reconstructed language linguists have dubbed proto-Indo-EuropeanThe people who spoke proto-Indo-European lived approximately where Ukraine is today, which scholars have termed Urheimat, or the original homeland. Where exactly the proto-Indo-Europeans came from is not something that I have heard a whole lot of evidence or even speculation, not that it doesn't exist, but the matter was largely outside the purview of the class I took. None the less, a curious but grim sense of amusement descended upon me when I realized how heretical the base knowledge of this class was, relative to Progressive orthodoxy. Consider: The proto-Indo-Europeans lived in Urheimat at least 4000 years before Christ, but perhaps up to 7500 B.C. as the earliest date of settlement. For the sake of the back of a napkin math I'm about to do, let's call it 5000 B.C. - 7000 years ago. The latest the out-of-Africa theory estimates for human migration out of Africa proper is approximately 50,000 years ago. There is a 43,000 year gap between the two populations. Assuming an average age of reproduction at 20 years old... there are 2,150 generations between one and the other. At least. Now this is all back of my napkin, with the barely remedial understanding of biology and genetics that comes with it. None the less, something to think about. Sometimes, I get the feeling people see images on 4chan and just grab on to what they say without necessarily stopping to really soak up the staggering implications of heretical knowledge. Sometimes, as I pointed out with the Kalergi and Rockefeller quotes, our eagerness may inhibit us from constructing the most accurate picture that we can. None the less, something to pause and consider.

One more thing to pause and consider:

This probably falls under the category of anachronisms, but since our enemy does this by transposing modern, fashionable morality on earlier periods, who cares. Urheimat is sometimes identified with Hyperborea, for any Evola fans who happen to read this. Not that we can prove that the Greeks carried on the memory of Urheimat in their ancestral mythology, but it is none the less a curious narrative, if only to give you a small sense of wonder if you pause to think about those ancients who preceded the people we already consider ancient.

Wonder away.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Your Memes Are Shit, Vol. II of MCDLXXXVIII

This one's a freebie.

I never wanted to come down. Every once in a while someone starts an election day memories thread on the old Mongolian throat-singing forum, and its always worth a read. Just for the good feels. I'm under no illusions about the ability of the Trump administration to unfuck my homeland. No one who is serious about saving Western Civilization believes that we are going to democracy our way out of this mess, and it may very well be that Trump is the final but hilarious punctuation mark on the Empire of the United States. But I'm still smiling about it.

Where were you on that day, anon?

I was watching in utter awe as one man punched several generations of emotionally stunted losers in the face over and over and over and over. He's been doing it since election day and he shows no signs of stopping. What are these people going to look like after four, possibly eight, years of getting punched in the face non-stop by a strawberry blonde comb-over with a weird tan?

Its like what Michael Moore said, about Joe Blow and Billy Blow and Billy Bob Blow blowing up the whole damn system. Have you ever been out to the country? I mean as a real guest, with people you know and get to interact with, not just as the passenger in a car heading from one urban tumor to the next. Because I have. There are a whole bunch of people I know who get down on themselves because they're urbanites or suburbanites and they live in an environment that spawns an unending wave of human fucking garbage. And they see no end to it, and they spend their days bitching among themselves about the coin clutchers. I feel a little bad for them, and I feel the same impulse that they feel in their incessant crusade to inform people about the malfeasance of a certain tribe of volcano demon worshipers - the impulse to grab them by their eyelids and force them to see what I see. Whether I succeed remains to be seen. I burn less calories with each subsequent attempt, so don't hold your breath.

Out there, out in the sticks, is Heritage America. Real, live Amerikaners. And it is simultaneously the most beautiful thing, and the saddest thing you will ever see. You have to force yourself to not see the accoutrements of globalism to see it. Forget the shuttered factories and the rust, the shitty cars and the tired looks on young men's faces. Try not to flinch at the divorce, the alcoholism, the drug abuse, or the suicides. Especially the suicides. Those ones always haunt me. Its almost always men, and its the young ones that hit hardest. Sister came home to find his body hanging. Friend dropped by and he was on the floor with a massive exit wound in his skull. They found his body in his car, down by the river. Et fucking cetera. Despite the natural compulsion to come running when a girl starts crying, female suicide is comparatively rare. They seldom graduate from ideation to action, and maybe that's because people pay attention when girls cry. Roissy's eggs are expensive, sperm is cheap, maybe.

And when you tally all of that up, every punch to the face and kick to the groin that globalism savagely launched on Heritage America, suddenly the feral rage that propelled Trump into the highest office starts to make a lot more sense. Because it's not just the things that I listed. It's not just the shuttered factories and the rust and the substance abuse and all the other material evils you get tired of counting. It's the abuse that rural America receives from their urbanite co-nationals. Fly-over country. Voting against your economic interestsDumbfuckistan. Your vote was a hate crime. Et cetera, ad nauseam. Its no secret that the city hates the country, but the why is for another time. Country folk are well aware, and even though they tend to be uneducated, that is by no means related to how smart or stupid, clever or dumb they may or may not be. It speaks volumes about Hindu eschatology that the most educated today tend to also be the most vapid, uninformed, childish and ignorant. Furthermore, a non-trivial percentage of ruralite men are itching for war. Someday, anon, they may very well wall off the cities and torch the whole of it, a crude but passable emergency surgery to excise a cancerous growth that threatens to choke them off for good. I can't say I'd shed any tears for the people I know who would meet such a fate.

There's beauty out there too, after you peel away the layers of shit dropped on Heritage America from on high, where their bourgeois urbanite cousins LARP as a sort of demented caricature of an aristocracy, only inverted. When I go out there I see pregnant women, young families, laughing children. People know each other, talk to their neighbors, form healthy communities that are actually connected by blood and by soil, even if they don't have the hifalutin reactionary rhetoric to describe what exactly it is that they build. They just do, and it's a remarkable thing. Once, in high school, a teacher whom I remember particularly fondly brought us outside to the parking lot for an exercise in creative writing. Way in the back, poking out of the recently re-tarred asphalt, a white flower pushed itself out of the pavement, spreading it's petals to the burning glory of the sun. When I go out to the country, I think of that flower.

Like how the ancient regime of Feudalism accidentally shoved Europeans through a thousand year eugenics program, the silver lining of the modern era is that modernity selects against those most predisposed to the excesses of the modern world. On a long enough timeline, the cancer of Progressive Idealism is a problem that solves itself. We may not live to see such a timeline, and the feckless idiots who conspire to dethrone the God Emperor may yet have their way. As shortsighted as the policies of globalism and mass immigration have proven to be, nothing yet will compare to the white hot rage the establishment would unleash if they succeed in undermining Trump. And so be it! May we at least die standing, if we're doomed to fall.

But come what may, I'll never come down.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Great White Culture Change

I think we may be seeing the start of a trend: Jason Kessler's Credentials

Further commentary from VoxDay and Aurini.

Naturally there are those who have noticed Jason Kessler and Garon Archer's histories with the Occupy movement and sense that the Eye of Soros has cast its gaze upon the Alt-Right. I seem to have misplaced my magic sunglasses, so I'm seeing something a little different. Allow me to flatter myself and play Cassandra for a moment.

I don't know where exactly this comes from because I am not its original recipient. Take it for whatever it's worth to you, but for now I'm only going to quote a part of it and use it as a starting point. Honestly, this looks tongue in cheek, out of context or satirical, but I have no further comment on it's origination. Emphasis mine.
Prime Directive: Always Blame the Jews for Everything
As Hitler says in Mein Kampf, people will become confused and disheartened if they feel there are multiple enemies. As such, all enemies should be combined into one enemy, which is the Jews. This is pretty much objectively true anyway, but we want to leave out any and all nuance.
So no blaming Enlightenment though, pathological altruism, technology/urbanization, etc. - just blame Jews for everything.
This basically includes blaming Jews for the behavior of other non-Whites. Of course it should not be that they are innocent, but the message should always be that if we didn't have the Jews we could figure out how to deal with non-Whites very easily.
The same deal with women. Women should be attacked, but there should always be mention that if it wasn't for the Jews, they would be acting normally.
What should be completely avoided is the sometimes mentioned idea that "even if we got rid of the Jews we would still have all these other problems." The Jews should always be the beginning and the end of every problem, from poverty to poor family dynamics to war to the destruction of the rainforest....
The its the kikes! narrative is faulty because despite what humor can be derived from things like trolling the ever living fuck out of neoconservative shill Ben Shapiro, the blame the other function offers White Leftists an attractive, ready-made escape hatch when the economy of progressive morality implodes and the value of a signal collapses under the strain of minorities demanding White 'allies' dutifully stand in silent solidarity with non-Whites who openly conspire to eat all White people.

Why is this a problem? Doesn't the Alt-Right need more bodies? What's wrong with Leftist conversions? Glad you asked.

First, despite the humor vector, blaming the Jews is basically a knock-off version of the we wuz kangz until whitey showed up. As with Blacks, the idea that eliminating a particular oppressor, confiscating their property, or vacating their seats of authority will magically heal us of the evils that plague us is patent nonsense. Obviously for Blacks this is fairly easy to substantiate through the precipitous decline in Africa's quality of life after the end of the colonial era. For Whites, whom I generally (but not universally) have a higher opinion of than Blacks, allow me to offer a couple of lines of evidence that suggest that White people are declining in quality and coin-clutchers are the least of our concerns:

  1. Average White IQ has declined by nearly one standard deviation since 1889
  2. As a population approaches post-scarcity, aberrant behavior appears and propagates.
  3. Several White (and non-White) civilizations have collapsed under similar circumstances to our own, without Jews.
It is far more accurate to say that we have succeeded so hard that we've begun to fail ourselves. The malfeasance of certain Jews, however enraging it may be, is more like rats feasting on a corpse than the knife that bled us dry. Poisoning (or ovening, as the case may be) the rats is not going to bring the corpse back from the dead.

People point to things like the Kalergi Plan as a counterweight to my three strongest points that the decline of White people is suicide and not murder. I will address the "conspiracy" angle momentarily, but before I get to that I must address another issue.

The second problem with Leftist conversions is that there is a risk that the tendencies of Leftism will transfer over even when garden variety Leftist philosophy and policies do not. A sizable portion of SJWs exhibit outward signs of their poor inner health. Excess fat, frumpy and weak physique, pastel hair dye, gaudy clothes, and bad tattoos are examples of aposematism, or warning coloration. While on a superficial level hipster chic has the purpose of signalling caste and attracting mates, the ubiquitous poor life choices, poor physical and mental health, and small minded pursuit of cheap social gains suggests to us that the aesthetic of Millennial progressives is an accidental socio-evolutionary step towards warning others that there is something seriously wrong with these sort of people.

Supposing that the outward signs of dysfunction even could be suppressed by the wholesale conversion of this particular caste of White people, does that likewise mean that the other excesses, particularly in temperament and disposition, can also be suppressed? My gut says no. My very first post on women and entryism generally pointed out that there is a certain suspicious tendency among Alt-lite and entry-level Alt-Right female e-celebrities that has all the signs and symptoms of classic attention seeking, only cleverly wrapped in the accouterments of the dissident right. I am generally predisposed against single females in and around the Alt-Right for this reason, although I'm willing to give some credit to partially mitigate this bias because being anything to the Right of a New York Times editorial carries substantial career risks vis-a-vis the Social Justice Inquisition. Still, these women need to hurry up and find husbands. That they seem to have a less than enthusiastic interest in effectively obliterating their share of the market by husbanding up suggests an element of faddishness influences their political alignment. Faddishness, in turn, suggests that there will be an incongruity between actions and words, and as the fad becomes more mainstream, numbers will swell.

Mass proliferation of a set of ideas among a group of people who are not selected for based off quality carries the risk of reducing the aggregate quality of the idea set. Case in point, conventional Progressive Idealism is suffering the entropic effects of egalitarianism to the point that "poop swastikas" are very serious business that the whole nation needs to be notified about and galvanized against. If you're looking for a handy line of evidence that suggests that the people in charge are not organized or particularly smart or driven by some sort of grand plan to genocide Whites, the incessant but badly contrived hate crime hoaxes are where you want to start. The clever and scheming men of the Frankfurt School are long since dead, and their heirs look less like this and more like this. Far from being the nigh-omnipotent ruling class that the most counter-Semitic members of the Alt-Right see, the true believers in the gospel of Progressive Idealism are more like a very small but very malevolent child attempting to play boss while swimming in his father's suit. They are wayward, evil certainly, but less than our worst suspicions suggest and simultaneously worse for us than the sort of evil the Alt-Right sees. The Left is increasingly peopled by low-caste Whites who are way out of their own league in terms of being an actual ruling class. They are crude and inept, however dangerous they are regardless, but they are only successful because a previous, higher-quality generation left them a network of institutions and resources to amplify their voices. They do little good with it, and are slowly pulling the trigger on their own obliteration as a philosophy.

Note that there are structural parallels between the Alt-Right's take on the JQ and the anti-White SJW Inquisition. Erasing the proper nouns and adjectives that make the two camp's arguments distinct, a simple formula emerges in the form of the oppressed and dispossessed struggling against their illegitimate overlords. Most the Alt-Right might wrinkle their noses at this and think that I'm channeling Sargon of Akkad's insufferable "above the fray" centrism. To that I say, no, I am not, but I am pointing out a coincidence of epistemology that at least one person prior to me suspected would serve as the impetus for the mass conversion of Leftists to the cause of pro-White racialism.
There is one crucial fact that we must not overlook, if we are to see the political situation as it is, rather than in the anamorphosis of some ‘ideology,’ i.e., propaganda-line, whether “Liberal” or “conservative.” The real fulcrum of power in our society is neither the votaries of an ideological sect nor the Jews, clear-sighted and shrewd as they are, but the intelligent members of our own race whose one principle is an unmitigated and ruthless egotism, an implacable determination to satisfy their own ambitions and lusts at whatever cost to their race, their nation, and even their own progeny. And with them we must reckon the bureaucrats, men who, however much or little they may think about the predictable consequences of the policies they carry out, are governed by a corporate determination to sink their probosces ever deeper into the body politic from which they draw their nourishment. Neither of these groups can be regarded as being “Liberal” or as having any other political attitude from conviction. The first are guarded by the lucidity of their minds, and the second by their collective interests, from adhesion to any ideology or other superstition.
Bureaucracies contain, of course, ambitious men who are climbing upward. One thinks of the bureaucrats who, shortly before the “Battle of the Bulge” in the last days of 1944, were openly distressed “lest a premature victory in Europe compromise our social gains at home,” meaning, of course, that they were afraid that peace might break out before they had climbed another rung on their way to real power. After the defeat of Japan, one of them, a major in the ever-growing battalions of chair-borne troops, too precious to be distressed by such nasty things as fighting battles, frankly lamented his hard luck: if only the war had lasted another three months, and a suitable number of Americans been killed, he would have been promoted to colonel and would also have a “command” that would have qualified him as the foremost expert in his field and thus assured his prosperity after the evil day on which he would have to face the hardships of peace. This attitude may not be admirable, but it is quite common and a political force of the first magnitude, which it would be childish to ignore. It is not, of course, peculiar to the United States. When the National Socialists came to power in Germany, they had many enthusiastic adherents of the same type, who, after the defeat of their nation, did not have to be tortured to become witnesses to the “evils of Nazism” and endorse any lie desired by the brutal conquerors. The attitude, furthermore, though especially prevalent in our demoralized age, is not peculiar to it. One thinks of the Popes who are reported to have told their intimates, “How much profit this fable of Christ has brought us!” And the same realistic appraisal of the main chance was doubtless present in many ecclesiastics who did not reach the top or did not have so much confidence in the discretion of their immediate associates.
Unmitigated egotism, which is necessarily a prime factor on all the higher levels of society in a “democracy,” is a political force with which one cannot cope directly; one can only attack the masks that are worn in public. It is, however, an obstacle that can be circumvented and one which could become an asset. The only strategic consideration here is represented by the truism, “nothing succeeds like success” — a crude statement, which you may find elaborated with elegance and sagacity in the Or culo manual of the great Jesuit, Baltasar Gracián. Our formidable enemies today will become our enthusiastic allies tomorrow, if it appears that we are likely to succeed. I speak, of course, only of members of our race, but the most competent and acute “Liberals,” who today declaim most eloquently about the “underprivileged” and “world peace,” could become tomorrow the most eloquent champions of the hierarchical principle (with which they secretly agree) and a guerre l’outrance against our enemies, if their calculations of the probable future were changed. And, as the Jews well know, the great humanitarian, whose soul shudders today at the very thought of insufficient veneration of the Jews, could become tomorrow grateful to the Jews only for the wonderful idea about gas chambers that was incorporated in the hoax about the “six million,” and he would probably find a real personal satisfaction in putting the idea into practice at last. As Gracián says, the prudent man will ascertain where power really lies, in order to use those who have it and to spurn those who have it not.
Revilo P. Oliver, 1981 
Backed into a corner by an ideology that promises to erase them, White Leftists have two options - do something drastic to claim oppressed status (such as sexual reassignment surgery), or join the Alt-Right. The fad of claiming to be transgender is actually an attempt by White kids to feebly clutch at oppressed status by literally making shit up. Demisexual, genderfluid, and other fashionable gender terms are not just simple nonsense, although at first glance the list of Tumblr genders appears that way. They're a social survival tool, as the cost of Whiteness is increasingly the ability to freely participate in the supposedly prestigious social circles of academia. The cost of Whiteness is imposed on goodthinkful Whites by minorities.

During my undergraduate, I had the grim opportunity to observe the behavior of a somewhat older black woman who bears a striking resemblance to the author of the piece I linked to on how White 'allies' must behave. Fortunately I never had class with this woman, but I would occasionally see her in my department's study lounge. A girl pulled a book off of the shelf to use in conjunction with whatever her small study group was working on, and some time later this woman came in looking for her book, which coincidentally was the exact same book that the first girl pulled off of the bookshelf in a common area. The next ten minutes were grimly amusing in the same sort of way that you might be amused by watching someone you find annoying take repeated punches to the face. The woman berated the study group with a particularly nasty series of passive-aggressive questions about why you would think that you have the right to touch a book in a common area of a public university. The girl who pulled the book off the shelf apologized profusely for touching a book left on a shelf in a common area of a public university, and satisfied that she had forced a handful of white kids to grovel for the crime of touching the book she left.

Do you remember what Tolkien said about Smaug's reaction to the theft of his cup? An no, I am not referencing the behavior of the Negress.

Goodthinkful and naive though these White students were, and likely still are, the look of servile embarrassment on their faces suggested to me something similar to the classic "this is not what I paid for". How many of these sort of rude and sudden left hooks to the dome will goodthinkful Whites take? The most common answer I get from Alt-Right fellows I've talked to in person is something akin to all the punches, which is puerile, vapid, reflexive, and frankly a little disappointing. This isn't to say that this sort of thing is without precedent, as Leftists are notorious for fleeing the (usually ethnic) destruction which their policies wreak upon their petty enclaves. But what if there's no where else to run?

My prediction, which I will reiterate until we are finally done rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic, is that the closer Leftist institutions get to pushing out all Whites from circles of prestige, the greater the pressure to eject will build within the White Leftist caste. At first, a select few will bridge the gap between conventional Progressive Idealism and the Alt-Right. While I am not casting aspersions per se on Messrs. Kessler and Archer because I do not know them personally, and likely will never meet them face to face where I can draw conclusions for myself, it is none the less increasingly obvious to me that these two are among the first high-profile Leftist converts. It is also very likely true that the earlier converts will more readily assimilate into the organic Alt-Right host culture, but like subsequent generations of immigrants, the Leftist crossover will more and more taint Alt-Right culture in temperament, though probably not philosophically.

If that is true, it is likely that the "conspiracy" angle will ease an otherwise dubious and unlikely transition. Kalergi's prediction about race may be enraging and frightening to those among us who have woken to the precarious situation of our race, culture and nations, but I have yet to meet someone who has read, much less owns, Kalergi's book in any part other than as it is presented as a common image on a certain Cambodian basket-weaving forum. Considering that much of what is believed about the designs oven-dodging coin clutchers have in store for Huwyte people originates with images on 4chan and elsewhere, I reserve any serious judgement beyond my continued insistence that this shit is far less important than any of you really think. The classic quote from the David Rockefeller book being taken wildly out of context and selectively omitting the preceding and following paragraphs is further cause for my reservations about coin clutching cabals.

My reservations, however justified I think they may be, are irrelevant, and for the purposes of the Alt-Right none the less serve as a ready-made, cookie cutter framework recently converted Leftists can conveniently jam themselves into in order to ease the transition from one wing of politics to the other. A less studious conservative might huff and puff at the anti-White invective, and mumble to themselves (ineffectively as well) about how wildly disproportionate the response would be if the slew of anti-White people articles coming out of Salon, HuffPo, et. al. were directed at Jews. To this I say to our humble but unimaginative cuck, worry not! Someday they will. All you have to do is switch the adjectives, and boom! Target adjusted. And how easy these people may someday find it, to put the ovens myth to the test.

This, however, does not solve the problem of White people and quality.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The End of the White Left

If I were a boring girl on the Faceberg, Roissy would be my spirit animal. Thankfully, I am neither female nor on Facebook, both telltale signs of being boring. I seldom find myself in any sort of disagreement with the dark, brutal truth machine at the Chateau, but today is one of those days.

The Reflexive Retreat To Pretty Lies
You can’t convert such people, because there isn’t enough Truth in the world to cure them of their addiction to false narratives.
CH I beg to disagree. File this under "Unpopular Opinions, Shitlord Edition". Its not that there isn't enough Truth for these people - that part is true. The truth is irrelevant to people who enthusiastically declare material information off limits. The truth is even more irrelevant to the sort of people who use language explicitly for harvesting signals and boosting status. You can convert them, however. Actually, what I should say is that they will convert, and unlike the great and glorious LARP of huwyte sharia holding a razor sharp scimitar broadsword inches from the throats of squirming SWPLs while they are forced to recite the fourteen words or die, the conversion of the wretched White urbanite caste will be a little less... dramatic.

Like I said, this is an unpopular opinion, and I should add this corollary: I may very well be wrong. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let me pontificate or bloviate as the case may be.

This is a fairly well known chart that plots a basic market bubble.
Here is the same chart dutifully edited to coincide with points of Leftist social mania.

Wow what a compelling argument. Thanks, I realize that by itself, this is a little dumb, but it slightly activates the old almonds. I've obviously overlooked something despite the 9001 hours in MSPaint it took to edit that graph. Well, actually I didn't miss anything, I just didn't specify what a specific axis of my new graph means... or is valued at. Obviously in graph one "valuation" is a stand in for currency.

Valuation in the second graph means the value of a signal. This is going to sound autistic and I swear to god I'm not. I'm just a recent college grad with a lot of time to kill and poor job prospects.

Reputation is one of those seemingly immaterial things that conventional wisdom holds that you can't exactly put a price on, like love, family, community and oral from a world-class deep throat artist. Except that you can price those things in non-monetary terms. For instance, mass proliferation of world-class deep throat artists coincides with civilizational decline. Like the famous ice cream sales to murders ratio, correlation doesn't equal causation, but the coincidence is undeniable. Anyone familiar with basic dissident Right talking points understands that the sexually permissive society that we live in is slowly crushing itself under the weight of it's hedonism. For better or for worse...

Anyways, back to reputations:

A reputation can be broken down into smaller units in the same way that a dollar is made up of so many cents, except that the base unit of a reputation is not pennies but signals. The tendency of shitty White millennials to virtue signal is an effort towards reputation construction and maintenance on their part. Unfortunately for shitty White millennials who virtue signal, the Left is running out of room and fuel and each purity spiral is tighter and faster than the one previously. Hence the necessity of keeping up with all 365 genders, the comically expanding LGBTQABBQ acronym, postmodern infused academic articles that are less and less etymologically legible, etc.

While the hilariously unhinged reaction to Trump has a number of root causes, probably the most overlooked cause is that Trump's completely surprising ascendancy to the White House seriously damaged the value of a shitlib signal vis-a-vis the repudiation of the classic "right side of history" trope.

Shitty White millennials bleat incessantly about the right/wrong side of history not because they are studious historians or capable of accurate predictions or even because they have any sort of far future time horizon. A cursory look at the White urbanite aesthetic, grasp of history and patterns of social behavior suggests that those most deeply devoted to the religion of Progressive Idealism are also, coincidentally, the most wretched. Upon interacting with a garden variety White SJW during my undergraduate, my second intuition (following closely behind intuition number one - what a fucking cunt) was always, always, always a deep suspicion, sometimes confirmed through later pseudo-friendly interrogations, that the SJW in question was extremely unpopular or had very few friends in high school.

Rather, the incessant condescending lecture about the who and whom of right and wrong sides of history is a massive, wildly inflated market of signalling. A bubble, if you will. Forgetting the most obvious (((who))) regarding the origination of certain postmodern tropes and memes for a moment - as in my opinion it is irrelevant - the great machine of cultural Marxism or ultracalvinism, depending on which name you prefer, is fueled by the broken dreams of a million low quality Whites who would not have survived to reproduce had this era been any era other than the comfortable but wildly dysgenic post-scarcity nightmare we've all woken up to. They are sustained by the hypnotic and seductive lie of postmodernism, the falsest of flattery that by kneeling before the altar of dildocracy, they are purged of their inferior quality and recast as altruism incarnate. This wild illusion was shattered by Trump. Trump, for all his bumps and bruises, is a godsend to Heritage America because he upended the wool that had been pulled over everyone's eyes. Left and Right.

For we who dared to dream and dissent, Trump serves a purpose at least as a span of breathing room under which we might gather our full strength to resist the inevitable onslaught of a resurgent Left. You who read this, whoever you are, I hope you're making the best of what little time we are given. For the Left, however, Trump was the proverbial rug pulled out from under them: The signals plummeted in value because current events failed to follow Leftist prediction on a pretty spectacular level. It may be that the Russia narrative is particularly high level Leftists attempting to force a square peg into a round hole, so to speak, in order to neatly explain how it is that their wildly unpopular worldview exploded with the full fury of a strawberry blonde comb-over. Then again, there may be other things going on.

It is not an unfair thing to say that the autistic screeching of the worst of our tribe is far less genuine concern for the downtrodden, and far more genuine concern for the calories burned (usually metaphorically) in acquiring progressive credentials. Trump's election represents the possibility that progessivism really is a bubble, and if that is true, then the eventual obliteration of social credentials through the end of White Leftism means that the SJWs go back to being resentful friendless losers like in high school. At that point, they will flee to wherever they can find a secure purchase, and attempt to harvest signals once again.

How this all shakes out will likely be strongly influenced by two major trends and potentially a third black swan event:

1. The increase in hostility towards White allies from minorities.

I've made it a bit of a point to highlight the increasingly poor treatment goodthinkful Whites receive from their wayward mercenaries. At some point, either they will defect or be eaten.

2. The Alt-Right reaching critical mass

Placing a premium on aesthetics, humor and class will enable the Alt-Right to build off of its ideological foundations and reach mainstream ears. The Alt-Right needs to look like this, not this. Reveling in beauty compliments the harsh but necessary truth of inequality. However deceptive the media is - and no one doubts they are - creating an aesthetic gap between the Alt-Right and the SJW crowd should be a freebie. Its also probably the most important step to turning hearts and minds. If you're part of an Alt-Right clique and you have moobs... start lifting.

... And, if a fraction of what I've read turns out to be true,

3. The total unveiling of the inner-workings of the DNC under Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Lamentations, I

Not everyone is meant to lead, and not everyone sees wisdom in participating in mass movements. Generally I sympathize with the broad aims of the Alt-Right, even if I sometimes cringe at certain aesthetic choices, lack of discipline, poor quality control and questionable leadership. I am naturally very skeptical that rebooting the United States as an explicitly White ethno-state will resolve the issue of quality among our people and the auto-cannibalistic nature of democracy and republicanism. That said, the United States America circa 1780 is vastly preferable to Brazil 2.0 circa 2040, and while most people aren't ready to do more than flirt with truly reactionary ideas, at least a great many of our people (particularly the young) are showing that they retain not just signs of life, but also good instincts.

My desire to participate in the brick and mortar of the Alt-Right has mellowed somewhat with the passing of a few years. Largely this is because I am older, more cautious, and in a relationship with a young woman who hears wedding bells and the cries of newborn babies in the not too distant future. Sometimes when I'm out in public a cute girl in a sundress will smile at me as I pass and I will remember what it was like to be free to chase and seduce and taste from the immaculate cup of female beauty in all of its glory. I'll think of Roissy, he or his doppelganger nudging me in the spirited way men encourage one another to take risks for the greatness and the glory. And tempting though it always is - it never grows any less so! - I decline the invitation. Sorry, you know as well as anyone that I relish the thrill of the hunt, but those days belong to yesterday. It is never, ever, that I am not tempted. If I never grew out of libertarianism, if I never stumbled across Northman's Neoreaction Aggregator, how different things would have been! I would have moved to the city by now, and perhaps I would have mitigated my natural disgust at the emptiness of a place so paradoxically crowded by eternally sipping from the cup of beauty and youth. Alas, Providence has strange designs that though I struggle to make explicit sense of, nonetheless compel me to don the hauberk and mail and take up the banner of a life spent in search of a redoubt of permanence in a growing sea of chaos and decay. The Crusade for Order, an immortal civilization steeped in glory and mystery, a losing battle that will none the less send my fiery soul to the doors of Valhalla when I've drawn my last breath.

I am not outrageously old yet - younger than most Neoreactionaries, but too old to pass on this last mission. It is time, my instincts tell me, and for the most part my instincts do not lie. In an age of unrestrained hedonism and few thoughts beyond tonight's party, I am unlikely to find a woman in the earliest of her twenties so eager to start a family. It is not, ever, that I don't want every beautiful woman that I ever see. What compels me to tap out is a theory of expected value: When the cost of failure is infinite, probabilities no longer matter. I am not so perfect that I can afford to live like a fratboy forever. A desperate call from an aging ex looking to for safe harbor against the raging storm of time is a sobering reminder. Sorry, you'll have to look elsewhere. Then the old arguments come back, tainted with the taste of some sour, sour grapes.

So many of us are lost before we even realize it. None of these people even know what a map looks like, let alone to look for one to see if they're heading in a safe direction. I can't save them. I've barely saved myself from the worst of my impulses. But I would, if I could I would save them all. I can't though. Not to be all sour grapes myself, but it's probably for the best. The garden of my people is wildly, wildly overgrown. I tack to the opposite of the Alt-Right when thinking of White birthrates. Quality is vastly preferable to quantity, and the practically nonexistent birthrate among White progressives is better news than most believe. We are living in a misbegotten age that is the direct result of a wild overbreeding program, and that the worst and weakest of our own kind have abandoned family formation will certainly be a boon for us in the generations yet to come. This is the natural consequence of our own hubris: naturam expelles furca, tamen usque recurret. The same sort of biologically induced peril will soon come to Africa (and probably Europe, should they never close their borders). Everything has a cost, especially things that cannot be monetized.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Quick Reactions I

You are a credit to your people is considered a slur by the sort of White people who most certainly aren't.

A healthy population, whether as expansive as an entire civilization or as atomic as the family, achieves greatness through accepting the quest for purpose, fueled by the drive for intangible abstractions based on the building blocks of esotericism - the good, the beautiful, the noble and the true - flavored as the case may be by the aesthetic peculiarities of culture, the expression of a nation's system of shared values.

People, mostly young White women of poor pedigree, bad health or lackluster personal character, recoil from you are a credit to your people because they project their ressentiment onto others, who in the abstract serve as a stand in - a mascot - for their own personal living nightmare. When they hear you are a credit to your people they are reminded that due to the paucity of their character and the dimness of their internal fire, they are the worst sort of people: the dregs at the bottom of a cup, the rot of a compost bin, maggots on necrotic flesh. You resent accolades of moral and spiritual virtue because you are not, and worse still you infect your mascots with your cancer, bringing them down the flattering path to ruin. Misery loves company. Their fate is tragic, but you will meet your end far from now all alone, forgotten and unmourned.

May God have mercy on your souls.

Thursday, August 17, 2017


Historians one day will look back and is an overworked motif, but there's no reason to stop beating the dead horse now, comrade. I am hesitant to make predictions about specific political actions. Jim thinks he smells blood, and perusing Drudge does not assuage any feelings that we are sitting on a knife's edge once more.

Perhaps it is my relentless sense of optimism, or that I am riding an endorphin high from lifting, but I generally think that for all our criticism across the wild wild world of the dissident right, and believe me I have plenty, the Left is far more likely to cock this up than we are. Much less Trump. Certainly it sounds like handwaving when I dismiss the antics of the media or Antifa as echoes reverberating through a closed harmonic chamber, so let me dispense with the handwaving and offer you some insight from an unlikely place: Gamergate.

Gamergate isn't interesting because vidya, or because of ethics in journalism, or because of Zoe Quinn's cock-gargling antics. Gamergate is interesting because it gives us a very good look at the mechanics of the Leftist religion, which I will refer to by Moldbug's term ultracalvinism:
The "calvinist" half of this word refers to the historical chain of descent from John Calvin and his religious dictatorship in Geneva, passing through the English Puritans to the New England Unitarians, abolitionists and Transcendentalists, Progressives and Prohibitionists, super-protestants, hippies and secular theologians, and down to our own dear progressive multiculturalists.
The "ultra" half refers to my perception that, at least compared to other Christian sects, the beliefs of this faith are relatively aggressive and unusual."
Specifically, the ultracalvinist drive to proselytize and evangelize, behaviors directly rooted in their explicitly Christian philosophical ancestors, were the mechanism that caused the entire catastrophe we now call Gamergate. Gamergate was a plane crash that never quite hit the ground, and looking at it from the outside as a non-participant allows us to glean an interesting bit of insight about what exactly happened.

A great many people enjoy and believe in conspiracies for a whole host of reasons someone properly trained in the pseudo-science of psycho analysis could explain to you better than I. This is not something the Right is immune to, and you will often find people who, even if they don't explicitly say so, indicate through their rhetoric that they believe that our enemy approaches omnipotence, that he has all of the angles mapped properly and that little, if anything, is outside his control.

I sincerely doubt this.

The reason? Gamergate. Gamergate shows us the folly of the Left, that the Leftist religion is not so much an intelligent virus that is constantly testing your armor for gaps and cracks that present an opening. Rather, the Left is more like cancer, in that wherever it has room to spread, it will, and it does not think much, if at all, about the consequences of spreading - such as the potential to kill its host or the potential that the host will notice and have a surgeon remove the tumor.

This is evident because Gamergate was a horrendously bad strategy run by low quality people - even the sort of people high up in the UN - who did not realize what they were doing. The overall goal of the Left, if the Left even really has goals in the strictest sense of government, required the eternal sedation of White men who otherwise might see their dispossession coming and resist, perhaps through violence.

Video games were an excellent sedative for disenfranchised young White men, who found themselves pilloried at every turn by the a priori "you always lose" called postmodernism. The best bet the for the establishment would have been to simply leave the losers alone. Instead, Gamergate awakened a foe the establishment did not ever anticipate, and since then we've acquired a surprisingly effective, surprisingly sharp and surprisingly willing to learn dissident Right that has been nothing but a fearful thorn in the side of the powers that be.

Part of the problem with the narrative in the above paragraph is that I refer to the establishment as a thing rather than a collection of individuals with a limited amount of information on a range of topics, acting day to day as best they can to enrich themselves. Anita Sarkeesian is a good example of the sort of thinking that goes on in the head of an individual with a share of power in the current world order. Anita Sarkeesian is not a hypocrite per se with regards to her sob story about being a tough grrl gamer and facing abuse and blah blah blah. This is because Anita Sarkeesian is not actually ideologically a feminist. Sarkeesian, like Zoe Quinn and a whole host of other semi-famous dweebs, e-celebs and grifters, really only believe in their own individuality and the enrichment. Like democracy, a system of perverse incentives exist that compel individuals to pillage as much as they can before the eject or are ejected. Nothing matters to these people outside of the money and resources they can harvest from x y or z. Calling Anita Sarkeesian out for her lame interpretation of the already astonishingly stupid ideology of Feminism was pointless, because Feminism is just a temporary vehicle for Sarkeesian (and a great many other young social status climbers). When the vehicle runs out of gas, they will look elsewhere. Where too many heads are around one watering hole, a thirsty individual will look elsewhere. This search-locate-harvest-abandon cycle is what spurs the SJW tendency to worm their way into organizations and institutions. It's all about the resources. The increase in individuals looking for a cheap mealticket creates competition for scarce watering holes, and like the way Marx regarded the bourgeoisie, the eye of the SJW is always on the lookout for new opportunities to line their bank account. This is how you get wretched White women worming their way into the vidya industry.

The lesson you should ultimately take away from this is that there is no central processing unit directing every soldier to their exact, set task. Rather, a collection of individuals with often parallel interests constantly seeks new resources, creating a visually ossified mob that is none the less subject to the whims of popularity. Popularity changes, watering holes move or dry up.

What happens next?

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Pondering the Why

And with the defenestration of James Damore, the great machine of progress continues its tireless work: Onward, comrades!

Far be it for me to ascribe this or that analysis to Google’s behavior and trajectory. I have little to say, no solutions to offer beyond letting Google eat itself. Let the little conservatives have their pearl clutching and fainting couches, I am a reactionary! Whatever that counts for anyways.

I’ve been re-reading Moldbug. Truth be told, there is much that I never read that I have covered since I started. Far be it for me to have ever said that I’ve read all of Moldbug – I certainly read more than Michael Enoch, whose contributions to his movement not withstanding none the less annoyed me with his habit of not reading a thing and then pontificating on the subject matter. Someday I’ll have some unsolicited advice for Mr. Enoch, but that day is not today and I somehow suspect he won’t read it. Anyways, working the old mental treadmill is good once in a while, and I enjoy Yarvin’s prose, not to mention his theories generally.

Being a dutiful reactionary and going through Unqualified Reservations had me thinking quite a bit today at work. Incidentally, this involves the unfortunate fate of Mr. Damore, but beyond his ignoble fate as a starting point, my train of thought quickly diverted elsewhere. That elsewhere, specifically, is the progressive obsession with racial diversity. Why specifically.

There are a million competing narratives on why White Leftists profess to loooove diversity. My least favorite is the standard talking point of the Alt-Right: That Jewish influence through media and universities promotes cultural degeneration among Whites that itself inculcates ethnic self-loathing, pathological altruism, miscegenation and a whole host of other evils. I used to buy in to this a little bit more than I do now, but increasingly I have found myself regarding the JQ with a bit of incredulity. I always have to stress this part, in large part because I do not want to suddenly realize that the neuroticism of the Alt-Right is as bad as their opposites (thus incidentally giving ammo to Sargon of Akkad’s horseshoe theory and his insufferable “above the fray” centrism). It is not that I have suddenly forgotten incidents of Jewish malfeasance. Let me run through this:

Where the Alt-Right is correct is pointing out not just the bad behavior of a whole host of coin clutching oven dodgers, but also the fact that merely pointing out bad behavior on the part of Jews is considered among the most offensive acts within modern, polite society. I use those last two words loosely. Where the Alt-Right is wrong is in how they order categories. What is the common denominator between people who espouse progressive views? That's a trick question. The lowest common denominator between progressives is the progressive worldview. For practical purposes, considering Moldbug's thesis on political ideology as the new religion (the various flavors of progressive idealism), there are almost no right-wing Jews in America. Let's take a count: Michael Savage, Steven Miller (who most certainly browses /pol/), Shylock Holmes and Curtis Yarvin makes... 3 and a half Jews. Roughly. I threw Michael Savage in their because I like the guy well enough and because he resisted the tendency of his ethnic brethren to go full retard #NeverTrump. It is to a degree understandable that members of the Alt-Right are so focused on Jews, but as I have said previously, this focus ultimately transforms into a sort of neuroticism along the lines of White Nationalism 1.0, which you should by now know failed spectacularly in all of it's goals.

But I'm not here to bitch about errors in a blossoming political movement. That comes later. Continuing down the long list of reasons that progressives fetishize diversity, allow me to contradict myself:

The Alt-Right's it's the Kikes! narrative isn't my least favorite. While I dislike the Alt-Right's narrative, I don't dislike it because they aren't telling the truth. Much of what the Alt-Right says about the who and the whom is on point, as far as I can tell, so my biggest beef with them is that the monomaniacal focus on the Jews inhibits them from fixing White people. But it should be stressed that factually most of them are not lying.

My actual least favorite narrative is that Progressives actually are deeply altruistic people with a keen sense of justice and that they actively and selflessly work to create a better world with little thought of any sort of reward. That's an elaborate and generous explanation for behavior like this:
Have you tried not being a cunt?
If only the instinct to signal holier than thou could be harnessed for something more productive than flagrant and garish displays of risk-free altruism. Like actual virtue. Of course the author of this cringe piece is a woman, and I am generally unimpressed by what goes on in a woman's head. Roissy's hamster wheel is not just an evocative piece of rhetorical flourish. Perhaps it was the constant squeaking of under-oiled wheels spinning on their axles that drove me insane during my undergraduate.

Anecdotally, I've noticed that the more wretched the White, the more likely they are to fall for the progressive meme. Or, as PA once said it, "Being the most feeble of our stock, SJWs rush after the the Left’s mirage of a shortcut to power." I've noticed this on the occasion that I run into people I knew from high school. Some of these people I've known since I was three or four. My hometown is not particularly large, and the Catholic School community is (was) particularly close nit. It is not surprising to me that the people who never really fit in, the fatties, the unpleasant or ugly girls, or the guys who always sat on the periphery of the jocks are all SJWs now. There is also the bleed over from the formerly attractive who (usually through the fattening effect of copious amounts of alcohol) also convert to Progressive Idealism because running a caloric deficit is hard. Fortunately, most of the hot girls from high school are still hot. The effect I just described should be called Ashley Judd Syndrome. I'm willing to bet that as insufferably stupid as she is today, a younger Jessica Valenti was cute and apolitical. Intelligence, incidentally, is something I only use as a selection filter for my male friends. I don't need you to be smart, sweetheart, just stay in shape. Someone somewhere, perhaps on Social Matter, made the case that Egypt and the rest of the Arab World slipped from the relaxed progressivism of the 60s into the hard-line Islamist countries they are today in part because the formerly young girls of the 60s resented the attention younger and more attractive girls were getting after they past their prime. Interesting if true, as this self-destruction mechanism could plausibly be linked to the anti-family mentality modern feminists are attempting to inculcate on young college students. Regrettably I am currently without a link. When I find it I'll put it in, for your reading pleasure.

The point of the matter is that the self-evident wretchedness of White millennial progressives has compelled me to forgo the classic conservative failure of responding to ridiculous arguments and bullshit talking points like micro-aggressions, x y and z privilege and the perennially scientific mansplaining, in favor of this basic conversation ender: What are you getting out of this? The obvious truth, the truth no one dares take to its logical conclusion, is that White millennial progressives only believe what they believe because it allows them to harvest social signals with which they build their reputation. Some things, like taste in music, are ephemeral. It should not surprise anyone that bands fall in and out of favor, partially due to the whims of the masses and of course in large part due to the quality of the content produced. While there are seemingly eternal exceptions such as the Beatles (you have terrible taste), music comes and goes. Remember when people liked Skrillex? Because I do, and get right the fuck out of my face with your I never liked Skrillex shit. Of course you did, you're a wretched White millennial and the odds are overwhelmingly in favor of you being a dipshit with plebeian taste.

Somethings, however, are less ephemeral, by which I mean change in direction is rather slow in the coming, but should the great ship of public opinion ever tack in the opposite direction, that change will happen so fast that it will seem like it happened all at once. The sort of wretched Whites that are invested in the religion of Progressive Idealism are not invested because they are good people. They are millennials! And millennials are not to be trusted without proper verification, because millennials are so shitty that they actually beat Boomers on the scale of low quality. It is true that Boomers are god-awful, and as an Alt-Right peer I know IRL recently put it, the day of the pillow cannot come soon enough. But like removing the malfeasance and misbehavior of Jews, removing Boomers will still leave a horde of low quality Whites to contend with. The Boomers are fading as natural death and, increasingly, direct and indirect suicide finally silences their whining. (Direct suicide is a gunshot wound to the head, an indirect suicide is alcoholism.) Likewise, the malfeasance of Jews in America will disappear with the obliteration of non-Orthodox Jews through their susceptibility to the same dysgenic trends that is consuming American Leftists. The chief difference therein is that there are a lot more White Leftists than Jews in America, so hunkering down and attempting to wait out the demographic destruction of White Leftists will take quite a bit more time.

The reason, as I stated, that particularly wretched White millennials cling to the religion of Progressive Idealism is that there is a sort of return on their investment. But what if the investment stops paying dividends? I asked this question recently and I'm still leaving it to your imagination. My suspicion is that the rabid ferocity with which these wretched Whites defend the bastions of Progressive Idealism will eventually make way for the rabid defense of something altogether quite different. Yes, I am indeed implying that rabid, wretched White millennials will eventually begin moving towards the Alt-Right. No really, I'm dead serious.
We're here to make everything Alt-Right. Whiter than the Whitest White, times infinity.
I will freely admit that I could be wrong. I've mentioned this offhand to some Alt-Right goys I know IRL, and most of them laugh and dismiss it. The suicidal impulse that we see in White progressives we naturally take to it's logical conclusion. They will throw themselves off cliffs! They will hang themselves, just to prove their virtue! Bullshit. An animal, cornered, will fight in it's own way. My girlfriend used to own a rabbit, a crotchety little fucker that I'm not particularly disappointed died a few months into me dating her. Unlike the handful of pet buns I've met in the flesh, this little cunt was mean, didn't like anyone, and would attempt to scratch you with his paws when you tried to pet him. Even a domesticated rabbit, if he's in the mood, will defend himself. Thankfully he's dead and the bun she got as a replacement is much nicer.

Letting the Left eat themselves is funny, but fails as a narrative when you consider why people virtue signal. This is surprising coming from Alt-Right people I know, who aren't just particularly aware of the concept of virtue signalling. People from TRS popularized the idea of virtue signalling, which makes it a little disappointing that the result is widely understood while the mechanism behind it is not. So I'll reiterate: White Leftists virtue signal because they get something out of it, namely the signals required to build a reputation. White Leftists resist White ethnic self-interest because it is antithetical to their current reputation. Eventually, however, given current trends and the treatment (abuse, really) White "allies" have been receiving lately, the dividends may not outweigh the overall costs, and the little rent seekers will start moving elsewhere. Remember to look where the profit is when you want to explain most human behavior.

I'm going to go into slightly more detail here, and perhaps this will clear up why I insist that there is legitimate reason to believe that the SJWs will one day convert. Imagine you've invested a considerable amount of money in a company. Being a good investor, you keep a fairly disciplined eye on the market day to day and are quite happy at the end of every day to see that your investment has grown considerably since you first traded your hard earned fraudulent Federal Reserve notes for stocks. Suppose now that one day your investment starts losing value. Have you ever considered at what point you're going to jump ship? I bet not. When your investment loses value there are a whole host of considerations that you're going to need to work off in order to figure out what move is best. An extremely successful investor that I have known for a long time once told me that your best bet is probably to hunker down, accept a short term and temporary loss, and look forward to when the market will inevitably bounce back. Sound advice, yes? The select few people who didn't panic during the 2008 financial meltdown made out like bandits, which brings me to the round about point I was trying to get to with the investment metaphor: In a downturn, most people panic and try to sell their assets to retain that hard earned value they passively sat on over days and weeks and months and years. And so the panic spirals and value is lost and a great many people end up selling their assets for pennies on the dollar and a handful of smart people who aren't totally ruled by the herd make more money than God.

That right there? That's literally reputation and signals. That is how public opinion changes. It's the same damn mechanism. As a side note, I used to wonder why Curt Doolittle translates his historical and social arguments into economic terms. I do not wonder anymore.

The question is what will cause the herd to panic into the next great thing? I'm fairly certain that I know what the next great thing will be, since we essentially live in a binary political system with a few subsets of flavors for each over-category. What I don't know is the when and the specific why.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Observations at a Wal-Mart

It's hard not to get angry. I went to Wal-Mart the other day. If ever there was a sentence that packs all the frustration, anger, fear and crushing soullessness of Globalism into a handful of words, it's "I went to Wal-Mart".

Wal-Mart is a crazy place. The lighting is designed in such a way that you are supposed to forget the passage of time. There is no outside reference, absent the front doors, by which you would naturally be able to tell what time of day it is. Supposedly, this is one of Wal-Mart's devious psychological hacks they employ to get you to spend more time shopping. I've also been told displays are moved around randomly to get the same effect, but I grudgingly concede that I've only been told such a thing. The things I just listed about Wal-Mart are the sort of things, heresay really, that gets tossed around a Sociology 101 classroom by matriculated idiots who will still be idiots whether they graduate or fail out.

What's really creepy about Wal-Mart is the people. In the right spot, Wal-Mart is just another department store. The Wal-Mart I frequent most often is far, far out in the boonies, too far out for non-Heritage Americans. As such, this Wal-Mart (and all other out-in-the-country Wal-Marts I have ever visited) is naturally influenced by the people in the same way that a nation does not make a people, but rather the people make a nation. Out in the sticks, Wal-Mart is quiet and orderly and the people are nice enough for being employed by a soul crushing corporation. I usually stop by on the way out to the farm that I plink at to pick up paper targets and a box of 9mm for the landowner as a tip.

I happened to go to a suburban Wal-Mart the other day. The only other time I have ever done this was late at night, when no one was around. In the light of day the difference is... staggering. The particular suburb where this Wal-Mart is located has a large Asian population, and because I am friends with a number of Filipinos from this suburb I tend to forget that "Asian", according to the sort of people who do demographics, includes Arabs and Persians. I am, of course, annoyed by visual reminders that our bourgeois globalist overlords favor dollars over national health, but there is a certain sadness that goes beyond "my people are under threat".

The burkas, of course, are an affront to my people and my culture - they do not belong here and need to go back. Worse, though, are the "Westernized". An older Persian couple (they weren't ugly enough to be fully Arab) passed by with a screaming child. A child throwing a tantrum is the sort of audible annoyance that immediately calls your attention. Maybe its the parenting instinct. But what kept my eye on the couple wasn't their wailing offspring. As far as I could tell, they were handling the screaming toddler as best as I've ever been told you can, by letting him tucker himself out. There was something off about the way they held themselves, their dress and affectations. They didn't quite fit in and I can't put my finger on it but it wasn't necessarily their skin color. The woman's jewelry was garish and her garments slightly clashed, and the man looked like the Persian version of "dad-core". They were "Westernized" and materially minded, status oriented, probably second generation immigrants. If you talked to them I'd be willing to wager that they were embarrassed by their primitive and backwards countrymen, in the same way that the handful of wealthy, suburban Negros I have met detest their feral, ghetto-spawned brethren for "being a bunch of niggers" [actual quote]. I doubt they attended Mosque with any sort of frequency. I've seen these sort of people before, the "lapsed Catholic" version of Muslims. At one point in time I was friends with a young man slightly younger than me who looked and behaved the part, but I cut off contact as his frantic desire to "fit in" with high-status, degenerate White society inculcated poor life choices. I am not particularly forgiving with my White friends who still use drugs, but knowing that many of the craziest Muslims had, at one point, lived the alcohol and drug fueled degenerate lifestyle before radicalizing, I thought it best to eject before this young man, uh, spontaneously exploded.

The thing about globalism isn't just that what is mine is under siege. I am, of course, particularly sensitive to things that concern me in particular, but the same insatiable appetite will, if given enough time, reduce all people to an indistinguishable mass of wallets. Some people say this is what the globalist explicitly want. Some people say this is just late stage capitalism, an incidental and accidental result of run-away prosperity. Whatever the case, the trade of tradition and purpose for deracination and material comforts must be tackled capably by the capable.

Most people do not live meta-ideological lives. Most people reside in the plains between the peaks, so to speak, and are motivated by immediate, material benefits. You can hardly blame the Indians, Persians, Arabs, Africans etc. for wanting to escape the abject poverty of their homelands. Blame, such that it can be reasonably attributed, probably falls the most on us. Not for creating the conditions of poverty within x y or z homeland. "Colonialism" is the Left-wing hand-waving equivalent of the Young Earth Creationist "because the Bible says". The poverty of a particular nation - or the lack thereof - is entirely controlled by the aggregate quality of a particular people. African societies are particularly bottom heavy, therefore it is no surprise that Africa is a perpetual hellhole. Extending an invitation for Africans, Arabs, Persians, Indians etc. to depart their failing states for our prosperous shores is unspeakably evil without even considering that the only reason a certain subset of White people do it just so they can play out the classic "fuck you, dad" on a societal level.

Particularly unintelligent societies are the sort of societies that can least afford to lose the handful of high IQ individuals they occasionally spawn. Believe it or not, there are some Africans with IQs above 120, but depriving their countrymen of the fruits of their intelligence is evil vis-a-vis scarcity, and becomes akin to genocide when you understand that the smartest minorities in the U.S. are ushered into the university system, which encourages miscegenation and degeneracy, and discourages family formation. Progressive immigration policies, taken to it's furthest conclusion, will result in the total obliteration of high-IQ genes in populations that desperately need internal leadership. Africa's coming population boom is a cold and brutal warning of the hell our "good intentions" have spawned through our idolatrous worship of Equality.

This particular fuck-up is one, only one, of the catastrophic mistakes our current elite have made over the past, oh, two hundred or so years, give or take. Certainly within the past sixty years the incompetency (or intended malevolence) has increased exponentially. What this means is that there is room for a new elite. Given the wild reaction the powers that be have had to the relatively small dissident right movement, I'd wager that the elite are particularly aware that they may be dethroned. You might even call them paranoid, given the massive "no platform" entrenchment around most major institutions and corporations. Would be elites, such as the Alt-Right (if they ever get around to realizing what their goals are supposed to be), would do well to catalog the failures of the current elite, make accurate predictions of future failures, and offer convincing solutions to the problems that the elite continue to spawn.

And try not to bitch about the kikes too much when you get around to it.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Worst Elites Ever, an addendum

What is particularly curious about the White Liberal elites is how eager they are to be supplanted by their own mercenaries. Or, perhaps, how oblivious they seem to be. When minorities command that Whites be silent in their presence, what does the White Leftist think they mean? Everyone but you? That's a rhetorical question.

So White Leftists are under siege from both sides: On one hand, minorities that resent their status as mercenaries have begun making serious grabs at power, status and resources, and on the other hand White implicit and explicit ethno-nationalists have rallied around the Trump insurrection. The minorities, despite their rapidly depleting ranks of high-competence, high-IQ individuals through the dysgenic crucible of the university system, are given a free boost through White Leftists worship of all things not White. So far as I can tell, the impediments holding the Alt-Right back are these:

1. Neuroticism about the Jews masking an effective strategy at fracturing the coalition of the ascendant. Remove the White Leftist glue and the coalition fractures. Divide and conquer.

2. Failure to see themselves as an ascendant elite. The Alt-Right must not see themselves as the heralds of a better order, they must effectively sell themselves as the best order.

Both of these points are worth posts in and of themselves, and will be revisited in short order.

Quick Reactions II

We focus on recent or semi-recent tradition, and the loss thereof, that I thought it wise to take a moment to step back for a little persp...