Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Quality Control

The common and fashionable way of thinking claims that America is divided between White and non-White. While indeed common and fashionable, this is also very surface level. People who frame politics this way - garden variety Millennial liberals, for instance - are not particularly insightful. Digging a little deeper, the Alt-Right claims that America is a captured nation, that the new Judeo-Globalist elite use third worlders as a gigantic stick to beat down Heritage America. This is a little better, but also causes the Alt-Right to fall into a sort of psychosis or downward spiral where the Jew is behind everything. To be honest, the Daily Shoah is sometimes hard to listen to because I get tired of hearing the same lines about the Hebrews. Whatever coin clutching malfeasance is currently in the spotlight - and there is no end to it, as I am sure you are well aware - this still is not a fully accurate description of the source of American political conflict.

The United States of America is a White nation currently in the midst of a cold White on White civil war. Minorities of all varieties are [currently] ancillaries. It is true that there are major non-White factions, but all of them are organized under the banner of White Leftism. White Leftists, by their nature, do not have the numbers, the martial acumen, the toughness or any sort of safe redoubt by which they may wage war on their provincial brethren. Minority groups essentially serve as mercenaries, barriers and cannon fodder for White Leftists. In exchange for attacking provincial Whites and serving as a distracting foil for the seething hatred the White Leftist feels for flyover country, the Left grants minority groups resources extracted from productive Whites. This, of course, is a classic deal with the devil. No matter how disparagingly you might view La Raza or Black Lives Matter, you cannot deny that there is a degree of self-interest in their activities, and the full breadth and width of their agency is wholly concerned with fulfilling their own needs. Some minority groups have far greater agency than others, which is why you find a disproportionate number of Ashkenazim at the upper strata of society. None the less, the less endowed, slow though they may be literally and otherwise, grow in strength and encroach upon the territory of White Leftism. That the roll of White Leftists as leaders of the Coalition of the Ascendant was downgraded from dubious to doubtful may cause some White Leftists to flee Postmodernism in the same way that White men fled Occupy Wall Street when it devolved into an identity shit-flinging festival. There are quiet rumblings of a sort of "Alt-Left", where disenchanted Bernie Bros are [allegedly] starting to realize that their dreams of socialism are being cock-blocked by burdensome minorities. Perhaps, only time will tell.

Millennial Leftists are particularly sensitive to prestige, and while at present Whites can still harvest prestige through flaunting their Leftist credentials, the Law of Diminishing returns and the demands of minorities that allied Whites shut up and follow their lead suggests that at some point, the prestige granted to Whites by being obedient, goodthinkful Leftists will be outweighed by the pain and shame inflicted by the wayward mercenaries the Left hired to fight their backwards, provincial brethren. If that comes to pass, we may see a massive conversion of Leftists into White identitarians. As I have said previously, for the TRS/Daily Stormer crowd this is a good thing. Their most pressing concern is that they need more bodies, without which they will have trouble making demands that the USG must take seriously.

Sympathetic though I am to the goys at TRS, I don't think that the pressured conversion of self-deprecating White Leftists to White identitarians would be anything more than a stop gap. Should Whites claim a White homeland, should the minorities be sent elsewhere and should a reckoning come to deal with the malfeasance of Globalism, Inc. there still remains an issue within the White population, namely that Whites abandoned eugenic selection pressure vis-a-vis reproductive quality control when Whites abandoned Feudalism. White people are wildly overbred, and I strongly suspect that what makes White Leftists so insufferable is not merely their ideology. Yes, the blue hairs are at best annoying and at worst the most wretched sort of traitors, but my suspicion is that the social conditioning program of Postmodernism isn't the only variable accounting for their wretched state. I'm not sure that you can necessarily condition someone to be insufferable, to have an unwarranted sense of self importance, to have a drive to constantly out-signal one another, etc. Postmodernism is the vector, but the disease may come from something else. I cannot currently quantify my suspicions, but perhaps this points us in the right direction:

Decline in White IQ from 1889 through 2004

Estimating IQ through simple reaction times, scientists claim that the average White IQ has depreciated by one full standard deviation. This fits neatly with a history lesson I first became aware of through Curt Doolittle of the Propertarian Institute. The advent of the Feudal/Manorial system created a highly eugenic selection pressure on Europeans by excluding those who could not form families and contribute to the economy, and by brutally hanging criminals. The end result of centuries of this pressure created the conditions by which high IQ, socially cohesive Europeans eventually negated their eugenic progression. With the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution the culling of those who couldn't slowed and eventually outbreeding accelerated, resulting in a general decline in the quality of Whites. Where our estimated average IQ once rivaled Ashkenazim, today we're barely above 100.

Whether there is a parallel decline in the quality of our character is a matter I can only speculate upon, but my gut feeling points to yes.

None the less, despite Progressive Liberalism's attempts to foil biology, today there seems to be another selection pressure hard at work upon the demographic groups fighting over the marrow and bones of Weimerica. There is a striking discrepancy between the birthrate of White conservatives and White liberals. White conservatives reproduce at slightly above replacement rate, while White liberals don't even come close. Others have made the same observation, that each new generation of Whites is more and more dominated by children sired by conservative parents, such that Generation Z is being [perhaps prematurely] dubbed "Generation Zyklon". There is, of course, some bleed-over from conservative parents who lose their children to the clutches of academia, but how consequential this loss is as a percentage of the would-be conservative population remains to be seen. Furthermore, something that gives the Generation Zyklon meme some serious legs is the fact that White youngsters are being lectured to death by cunty blue hairs that have fully embraced Postmodern dildo worship that berates them for the sin of being White in a nation that is increasingly not White. Very few of my peers from my Catholic School days still go to church, and given that Postmodernism is more virulent, more abrasive, more screeching and tyrannical than even the worst lecturer I have ever encountered in Christendom... I suspect that there will be some serious blow back.

Less commented on is the dysgenic effect the modern world may be having on minorities. The immediate cause of the low White liberal birthrate is that liberal women put off family formation in favor of careerism, which tends to lead to regrets down the road. The same academic-industrial complex compels minorities to favor careerism over family formation, but there is a pretty serious caveat:

Intelligence may be a more profound selector with regards to minorities entering university than Whites. Low average-IQ populations that qualify for affirmative action have a much shallower bench, as it were, of high IQ individuals. It is true that there are 150 IQ Blacks, the issue is that there are not many of them. Were Black America run competently, those select few 150 IQ individuals would be husbanded to increase the relative percentage of Blacks with similar levels of intelligence vis-a-vis heredity, while suppressing the lowest echelons of Blacks through some sort of sterilization program. Black America is, of course, run wildly incompetently, adversely pressured by clever rent-seekers among the Black population that only seek to enhance their wealth and prestige, and further pressured by White Leftists who place a higher premium on garish and very public displays of fake-altrusim than they do on finding solutions that work. Affirmative action none the less requires a higher degree of intelligence, in that Blacks who simply can't hack it in the ivory tower will end up washing out of their degree programs, sending them back to the ghetto as it were. Having a much shallower pool to draw from, and losing a substantial portion of that pool to careerism at the expense of reproduction is probably going to be a disaster for the African American community, and maybe Hispanics too.

Populations are dynamic, not static. Selection pressure moves them one way or another, and given enough authority and enough time you could forge a nation to rival peak White civilization out of darkest Africa. Regrettably, we're doing the opposite here and across the ocean by constraining the highest quality individuals and fully subsidizing the reproduction of the lowest quality individuals. It may be several steps ahead of our current predicament, so much so that it probably is not worth giving a whole lot of consideration at present, but eventually, even with the advent of ubiquitous ethno-nationalism, without a permanent social institution culling the lowest quality among us, the White populations will continue to experience a decline in quality. It is a massive mistake to assume that by simply removing the Jews, the Negros, the Hispanics and the Muslims, everything will carry on as happily as we want it to. Whatever arises out the ashes of the American Empire must, must keep a clear focus on biological realities, both external and internal.

If there's a silver lining to all of this, it's that the lowest quality Whites seem to be the most liberal, and the least likely to have children.

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