Sunday, July 2, 2017

Entryism is a great topic for a first post.

This guest post on Aurini's blog really activated my almonds.

Bechtloff makes some interesting observations about SJWs who like to get people fired, the self-appointed referees of politics, the mixing of the two and some degree of rightward drift. His observations, however thoughtful, seem to leave some room for filler details - the why specifically. Having spent an inordinate amount of time around millennials who enjoy the great Weimerican sport of social status climbing, I'm going to add some thoughts and predictions.

The mixing of SJWs and "above it all" moderate referees who only chase low hanging fruit like feminism is ideologically inconsistent. This is where Bechtloff touches on the truth, but then never really follows through. There's a consistency in all of this, it just ain't ideological.

Unlike Bechtloff, until Lacey Green goes full 1488, I don't believe a word she - or anyone else for that matter - says about their new appreciation for marginally less Left-wing positions, because I generally don't believe a thing millennials say period.

Why? Because millennials are obsessed with status. There are entire ecosystems within the great, rotting human garbage dumps of Weimerica filled with white and white presenting millennials who live and die to signal. Every ounce of their industry, twenty four hours a day, three hundred and sixty five days a year, covering every aspect of their aesthetics, their presentation, their linguistic affectation, the books they claim they've read, their social circles... every single thing these people do is precisely augmented to accumulate signals in the incessant game of social rankings. Yes, even their politics. Actually, especially their politics. It is remarkable that despite the fact that every conservative parent knows that their millennial offspring are spoiled, lazy, narcissistic, and selfish oxygen thieves, somehow their politics are unaffected by their qualitative deficiencies. Yes indeed, despite all other demonstrations that suggest the contrary, when millennials preach about racism and oppression there is absolutely no inner calculation that uses unwarranted self-importance and lust of social regard as an operating function. No sir, not at all. Never, ever, for one moment doubt that the millennial obsession with confronting grievous displays of irrational hatred and racism such as poop swastikas of dubious origin and white kids eating sushi is founded on anything but the purest, most selfless and altruistic intentions.

I don't know who needs a beating more, the selfie generation or their parents who somehow fail to notice that perhaps the millennial obsession with rectifying social ills is not in the slightest founded on any sort of sense of good purpose or good will, but rather is an extension of their own desire to be seen as heroic without burning the requisite calories.

Anyways, back to Bechtloff's head scratcher:

There is no such thing as a 'true believer'. The ideology of the Cathedral is less important than what devotees get out of it: Power. Everyone knows a dumpy, ugly blue hair. The reason your average blue hair subscribes so fervently to the power of SocJus is not the belief in and of itself but rather because SocJus is - for now - a sort of societal >tgm command on your console. Practically speaking you leap ahead of other people by speaking for and from the power of this weird Christ-less Hyper-Calvinist heresy. Did you not get adequate attention in high school? Are you ugly or weird or have a bad personality? Do you resent Stacey and Chad because they're hot and you're not? Well don't worry about improving your social skills, exercising, running a caloric deficit or making yourself more socially valuable the old fashioned way. With the power of SocJus you don't have to do any hard work whatsoever to raise your social ranking. With the power of SocJus, Chads and Staceys will bend to your will, grovel at your command. They have been conditioned by Boomer narrative spinners that the Civil Rights era, coincidentally the heyday of Boomer youth activism, was the apex of Western morality and philosophy, and that deviating from that morality in the slightest is just cause for a brutal societal beat down and the extraction of unearned resources. Didn't get a bid from a fraternity or sorority? Resent that you don't get invited to their bangin ragers? No problemo famalam, just call them racist and the school will be right there, just like your stupid fucking helicopter parents, to put those above you on their knees in supplication, begging for mercy. That is power, but cheap and easy and wholly devoid of obligation, responsibility or the burden of care and foresight.

Now, there's your basic set up. So what happens when this thing called the Law of Diminishing Returns shows up? What happens when Chad and Stacey no longer particularly care, or when the school can't afford any more diversity positions, or when there are so many rent-seekers in the market that you're crowded out? What happens when we hit peak SocJus?

Rightward drift begins.

It's already well on its way. With the waning of the prestige of SocJus comes a pressure to move right. Notice, if you will, the screen-capped tweet the dildoheaded soybean sent out as an invitation to joust for signals at a well established SWPL redoubt. "... in the open marketplace of ideas" is an interesting phrase ripped straight out of Libertarian talking points. This is not something you would normally see from the "free speech isn't hate speech" crowd, because despite their deceptive rhetoric and penchant for corrupting everything they touch, none of them are really former Libertarians or avid readers of the Wall Street Journal or anything associated with the lukewarm Right-ish camps that actually use the phrase "freemarket of ideas". That is a clear, distinctive and indisputably Libertarian-Right meme, and it is interesting as an observed incidence not of Leftist corruption of the Right, but of the Right leaking into the directionless, atomized Left. At some point, the soon-to-be formerly fashionable theory of identity politics and resource extraction hit the law of diminishing returns, where made up identities have become so tiny, so inconsequential and otherwise so repugnant to people who might otherwise cheerfully follow the flattering path to having a Left-of-Center cactus jammed up their ass have begun the process of checking out, ideologically. There's just not that much there there anymore.

Lower-quality Sargon of Akkad's pair of tits is a good early example of whats to come. Women, they say, are naturally inclined to the Left. Maybe. Single women, sure, or at least that's what it seems, but given that there are more women that oppose abortion than men that oppose abortion as a percentage of the population... I'm not sure that's exactly cut and dry.

It is probably more accurate to say that women simply want attention, and will go to wherever they get the most attention, for the best price, and of the highest quality. Given that the pickings among high status Leftist men are... slim, to say the least, prepare for entryism from the female crowd. I'd say that most women you see participating in the new iterations of Right-wing politics (the Alt-Right/Alt-Lite) who don't have husbands should be viewed with an immense amount of suspicion. One can't help but wondering where the fuck Brittany Pettibone's husband is.

If I were to frame this like Roissy, what we're seeing looks something like this: Women chase bad boys, and women are chased by betas. Right now, the Left is full beta, and the bad boys are mingling among the weirdos that have always been on the Far-Right. As the Far-Right grows in number, so too will the relative percentage of bad, dangerous, high-SMV males, and women hungry for attention will flee there too. Look at the difference between Shoe0nhead and Sargon of Akkad.

While both have been on YouTube since 2010, Sargon has produced 786 videos and accumulated 655,317 subscribers. Shoe0nhead has produced 47 videos and has 748,513 subscribers. This isn't exactly a groundbreaking observation or anything but it is absolutely worth re-stressing that women on the internet who are at least marginally attractive will command a LOT of attention. And women, by virtue of high time investment mating strategy seek as high quality attention as they can possibly capture. Put two and two together: As top shelf men of the Left become more and more limited to the celebrity and millionaire caste, women who ultimately can't won't or don't want to be part of a harem are going to look elsewhere. And aside from Left, there is only one other option.

I'm not pointing this out because women and politics are a priori bad news. Generally, yes, I am wildly unimpressed by most women's political opinions, but really its not just the opinion itself, its their style, composure, temperament, rhetoric and the fact that women at the extremities of the political wings (one of which I occupy) tend to be even stranger than the men. I like my women apolitical, by which I mean barefoot pregnant and kitchen-bound.

I'm pointing this out because women, ironically, are a driving force behind the pendulum swinging back from whence it came. With the women and the signalling and white knighting that accompany the women, comes the spiraling. I have long suspected that because modern Leftists are sensitive to prestige and power, rather than ideological consistency, the great nationalist resurgence is headed into a tidal wave once former Bernie Bros begin bleeding into the Alt-Right. Maybe if you're a TRS goy this is a good thing, because, after all, the Alt-Right's preeminent problem is simply a lack of warm bodies.

But I suspect that if everything plays out accordingly, and if after a peaceful divorce or violent secession whites get their ethno-state, without strong selection pressure weeding out low quality whites and preventing them from reproducing, another self-imposed catastrophe will come shortly thereafter.

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