Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Worst Elites Ever

Someone, Ryan Landry I think, made an interesting point that I'm going to have to paraphrase because I cannot find where I read it:

Barack Obama's policy of abusing his constituents differed very little from previous administrations, and yet it was only during his presidency that we experienced the first real display of revolt through the Tea Party movement. Why? Probably because rulers must look like the ruled in order to best cement their claim to authority.

If you are responsible for recently writing the above sentiment, sorry for butchering that quote. I suspect the idea is true though. Case in point, African Americans. My general understanding is that the Negro resents White authority, never mind other issues like average IQ and time preference that may not be helping them, ah, acclimate to White standards in the way that the Chinese do, for instance. That's neither here nor there.

My more pressing concern is White Leftists. The incongruity between the race of the ruler and the ruled is currently not the sort of thing White Leftists burn too many calories over outside of flagrant and exaggerated displays of public virtue vis-a-vis vocal demonstrations of concern for unfortunate non-Whites. This is because deep down inside, your average White Leftist sees him, her, xir-self as a sort of embryonic Elite. Globalists-in-waiting I sometimes like to call them. I've heard people call them aspirational urbanites. You get the general idea.

White Leftism appears to be running into the same sort of problem Barack Obama ran into: The revolt of the other. I have long thought that the conventional way of looking at the sort of snot nosed frizzy haired mulatto chicks that haunt liberal arts classrooms may be backwards in the same way that common thought on White Flight is backwards:

We think of White Flight in terms of Whites fleeing the violence and social decay associated with the Black underclass. A few of us do a little better by pointing out the malfeasance of coin clutching merchants, but I still find this dissatisfying, in part because of the implied conspiracy and in part because of the danger of spiraling into the sort of blame game Negros without agency play with their White overlords. Really the two are one in the same at the end of the day.

White Flight is really Whites fleeing the consequences of White Leftism. While it is understandable that a young couple with a child on the way may not want their kid to grow up surrounded by urban ferals, what is particularly grating is finding your crunchy conservative White community has a growing infestation of White Leftists who, you guessed it, moved here basically to leech off your "good schools" and bitch about how there's not enough diversity. The resentment coming out of Texas, Montana and Colorado now that former swathes of Red Empire must reckon with Blue Empire transplants fleeing the fall of Californee-eye-ay (and the transplants the transplants transplant, if you follow me) is... impressive. Sometimes I genuinely believe that we all might wake up one day to discover that the cities have been walled off by men who now patrol the walls, shooting at anyone who attempts to scale the barricades.

We also think about the wayward and chaotic antics of Black Lives Matter in a sort of backwards fashion:

Black Lives Matter and Black iterations of the great postmodern academic machine are Blacks attempting to get prestige through imitating Whites. A solid, recent illustration of this phenomenon comes from the "open" letter a group of Black students sent to the president of Pomona College. Many people might find this hard to get through without raging, because number one, the religion these preachers preach is essentially devoted to the destruction of you and your ethnicity, your history, your culture and your memory. Most people react to this extremely negatively if they bother to sit down and go through it. Having sat through my fair share of BLM poetry during my undergraduate, I understand. But more than that, it's pretty easy to get lost in how stupid this letter is. Even for postmodernism, which in and of itself is no paragon of hifalutin intellectual stimulation, Black postmodernism, much like Black Twitter, is astonishingly stupid. Well, astonishingly stupid if you're unfamiliar with the average IQ of African Americans.

But if you look closely at the word choice, you'll notice a pattern: Peering through the obvious malice you should notice the hamfisted attempt to join cliche postmodern phrases together in an attempt to imitate White status seekers:

Free speech, a right many freedom movements have fought for, has recently become a tool appropriated by hegemonic institutions. It has not just empowered students from marginalized backgrounds to voice their qualms and criticize aspects of the institution, but it has given those who seek to perpetuate systems of domination a platform to project their bigotry. Thus, if “our mission is founded upon the discovery of truth,” how does free speech uphold that value? The notion of discourse, when it comes to discussions about experiences and identities, deters the ‘Columbusing’ of established realities and truths (coded as ‘intellectual inquiry’) that the institution promotes. Pomona cannot have its cake and eat it, too. Either you support students of marginalized identities, particularly Black students, or leave us to protect and organize for our communities without the impositions of your patronization, without your binary respectability politics, and without your monolithic perceptions of protest and organizing. In addition,non-Black individuals do not have the right to prescribe how Black people respond to anti-Blackness.
Notice the jargon. Perhaps my proximity to wretched postmodernists has enhanced my sense of suspicion, but I see this more as a very poor imitation of the shit-tier political and philosophical rhetoric wretched Whites use as a cudgel against Dad, Chad, and Stacey Sorority. I see this less as naked Black interest per se. Like the degenerated version of an already degenerated philosophy on display in the quote above, what you're seeing is the Black version of the scramble for individual status and resources. Steve Sailer once mused whether Ta Nehisi Coates' animosity towards Whites was a sort of purgatorial masquerade hiding his own sense of guilt for joining the White status climbers and fleeing the company of his co-nationals for the cushy life as a Liberal's pet.

That's all well and fine, but a bit tangential. With the increase in incidents where Blacks and other minorities tell White allies to stand aside silently, I suspect that we're witnessing the unraveling of the last thread of defacto White leadership of the coalition of the ascendant. I am not necessarily saying that Blacks alone are going to rise to the cream of the Elite crop, as there are too many conflicts among the various nations and groups that make up the coalition of the ascendant. But much like how White Leftists have played a hand in engineering the demographic downfall of their over-nation, it appears that White Leftists have unwittingly also engineered their defenestration from the top of the elite hierarchy. Not that many of them currently seem to notice, as calls for the silence of White allies are often followed by furious head-shaking in assent, but then ridiculous protestations that the White ally in question is not one of "those" Whites and totally and completely empathizes with said minority. You're a fucking white male!

The question is, then, how much longer will the squeeze be applied to the White Left before we see some sort of break? Most of the Alt-Right guys I know IRL will immediately respond with something along the lines of "until they're eaten" or something similar, implying the Leftists are just going to commit suicide. If present trends are taken to their logical conclusion, then sure, that makes sense.

I'm not entirely convinced. While garden variety White Leftists I met in college are a uniformly unimpressive bunch, their obsession with status accumulation causes me to suspect that at some point we're going to see a mass break from mainstream Leftism. Some people have hinted at the whispers of an "Alt-Left" (because even in quasi-redeemed form, Leftists still can't be original). But circling around to the paraphrased quote I started with, eventually having the boot of the other on their neck might awaken the long atrophied survival instincts within our most wretched co-nationals. Whether that bodes well for us or not remains to be seen.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

More Bitching About White People

There is nothing quite like a well ordered garden. I worked landscaping for a while post college, and while I have always appreciated a nice yard my tenure as a paid gardener added a particular level of... horticultural awareness I might say if I wanted to sound hifalutin. Something that always exasperated me - still exasperates me - is when a well-to-do person with a large or very nice house on a beautiful property lets their garden run wild. The non-commercial properties that I worked on were almost entirely affluent, sometimes to the point of being grotesquely so, and I would always scratch my head at the rich folk who didn't take care of their property. Hiring a lawn crew to come by once a month to pick weeds does not make for a particularly aesthetic flowerbed. The Mexicans I worked with would make fun of these people, which I find amusing. I have some observations about Mexicans that maybe I'll jot down for your reading pleasure at another time.

Gardening is a sort of micro-metaphor for population dynamics in that you must pay attention to your flowerbeds, to what is growing, to the weeding and watering and levels of sunlight and the general orderliness, lest things get out of hand and the weeds choke everything. Now, you probably suspect that I'm making a metaphor about the relationship between White people and everyone else. You certainly could do such a thing with the projected population explosion of Africa. But that's for another time and to be frank Steve Sailer has that issue covered pretty well. I actually do not want to spend any more time worrying about a few extra billion people with lukewarm IQs. That comes later.

I'm actually thinking about White people as a whole. According to Brett Stevens, civilizations have an inborn flaw in that they begin to fail once they achieve success. I enjoy Brett's rhetorical style and highly recommend his book on Nihilism, and I have to tip my hat to Mr. Stevens for having stared so long into the abyss, so to speak, without descending into the madness that I see in many dissident Right-wing camps. More on that in a second - forgive me for being scattered in my thoughts, the morning is young and I am only one cup of coffee deep.

Brett's observation that civilizations begin to fail after they achieve success might appear to be a bit of a tautology if taken in isolation. He has an excellent explanation for the curious, but let me expand on that in my own way. There are two very important things you must know to understand what I'm going into - r/K selection and Calhoun's "Mouse Utopia" experiments. If you don't know anything about either, take the time to briefly go through the links provided. You don't need a degree in either subject, just passing familiarity.

r/K selection is the sort of thing that, like race, can be endlessly deconstructed into non-existence by a dutiful postmodernist. Let me preempt quibbling and deconstruction by providing the most accurate definition of the phenomenon that r/K selection attempts to describe. Instead of viewing r-selection and K-selection as two distinct, clearly divided 'camps', as it were, r/K selection should be viewed as the logical extremities of a population's breeding strategy, which is influenced by the ratio of calories available to calories burned acquiring available calories. In an environment where more calories must be burned in the acquisition, longer-term, high investment breeding and tribalistic disposition are advantageous. In an environment where the ratio of calories available to calories burned is very low, short term, low investment breeding and low tribal loyalty are more advantageous. Ultimately what we are looking at when we talk about r/K selection is what is the most efficient way to make babies given the current environment. Should the environment change one way or another, so too will the population's strategy (assuming the change isn't so drastic as to cause extinction). Calhoun's experiments showed us that in a post-scarcity environment a population will none the less head towards collapse and extinction, only through a behavioral sink instead of starvation. Where K-selection taken to its maximum is starvation, r-selection taken to its maximum, which is what Calhoun inadvertently experimented on, is also population death. This demonstrates the impossibility of post-scarcity (a signally piece of SWPL conversation flair if there ever was one), but also demonstrates the most pressing issue the Alt-Right must tackle next, now that they have achieved entry-level political legitimacy. And that issue is:

What the fuck is wrong with White People?

Talk to ten members of the Alt-Right and I guarantee you that all ten will agree with the following statement:

If I have one bullet to spend between a traitor and an open enemy, the traitor gets it.

It is curious then that so many calories are burned bitching about the Jews relative to White Leftists. Jews are not traitors per se. I hate clarifications like the vast majority of x reject y behavior, because saying such a thing is at best unquantifiable but is more often than not a rhetorical ruse designed to mollify a set population's concerns when confronted by things like spontaneously exploding Muslims. I have no way of accurately gauging the percentage of Jews that simply want to mind their own Jewish business relative to the civilization wreckers. I am well aware of the malfeasance of certain Jews, and should the day come that I install myself as Emperor, believe you me, there will be a reckoning. But the malfeasance of Globalism, Inc. is only partially attributable to a wretched set of Hebrews, who would have zero power and influence over White Amerikaners were it not for White Leftists.

And what causes White Leftists to exist? Well, Leftism, in part, is an economic theory, and because I do not care about the economy beyond a firm rejection of Communism, I have little to say about why people are inclined towards the left end of the economic spectrum. Dividing economics between Left and Right is partially confused and muddied by the malfeasance of Republicans in the thralls of Globalism, Inc. Are unions bad or good? I don't have anything to say about that. But Leftism as a social theory makes sense as a parallel to the degenerated behavior Calhoun observed in his experiments.

White people are wildly overbred. The ancient regime of Feudalism once allowed us to weed out the bad while allowing the good to flourish. We have come a long way since then, and our garden is overgrown. The most important order of business for the continuation of White civilization is a culling of the lowest quality Whites. While you may think ovens and helicopter rides, really the matter is far less serious and far less likely to generate an international response (and potentially military intervention) than outright SWPL genocide: Incentives against procreation.

The Alt-Right spends an inordinate amount of time worrying about White birthrates. It is doubtlessly true that a precipitous decline in births stemming from high financial and economic barriers to safe reproductive havens (i.e. suburbs) should be something to keep a wary eye on. As Michael Enoch has said, "Whites don't breed in captivity". Lacking the power to immediately capture the political infrastructure required to enact a wholesale deportation of all non-Whites, the Alt-Right must route around the damage wherever possible. That simply means encouraging self-aware Whites to retreat to the safe redoubt of the countryside, accepting the economic loss - which is of no consequence in the grand scheme of things - in exchange for the security the hinterlands offers. Just three hours outside of one of the worst metropolitan areas in the nation, where I live, there is nothing but White people, and, more importantly, fecund White couples. From personal experience clandestinely interviewing ruralite Whites, these people are seething with anger - somewhat misdirected - at the city folk that shit on them at every turn. With the rate of reproduction I noted among couples, usually something like three or four kids per couple, the countryside is an army in waiting. The only thing they lack is officers and direction. As affirmative action squeezes Whites out of college, and therefore out of the requisite four year certificate to move to the city to work as a desk jockey for a cushy salary, both the percentage of Whites and the real number of Whites in the city doing the SWPL thing will decline, especially considering the paltry birthrate among White leftists. We have not yet seen a full accounting of the lack of births among Millennials. As the blue hairs pass into their thirties this contraction will become more noticeable, which in turn will exacerbate the ethnic awakening among Whites.

The most pressing concern therein is keeping White leftists away from the hinterland redoubts. The select few married White Liberals I know have already abandoned the fashionable and hip inner city for the security of the suburbs as they attempt to breed. When they say they're looking for 'good schools' remember to tell them that you already know that means 'no niggers' so they might as well speak plainly. Anyways, "White flight", as it is currently defined, is not understood correctly. White flight isn't just fleeing from the social decay that a third world population brings to a White enclave, White flight is Whites fleeing from the insane and destructive policies that White leftists foist upon all Whites through their obsession with Diversity™. The reason I despise White Leftists can be boiled down to the fact that White Leftists advocate for whatever positions grant them the greatest amount of social capital, and then whatever costs are associated with their positions are imposed upon everyone other than themselves. If White Leftists, who really are Top-Globalists-in-Waiting (they imagine this themselves, doubt you not), were forced to deal with the consequences of their actions, none of this would be a problem. You want to bring in refugees? Okay, fine, but you must house them, you must bear the costs of integrating them and, most importantly, any crime that they commit you shall likewise suffer the consequences. So in a sane world, if a refugee committed a crime that warranted the death sentence, his sponsor would share his fate. We do not live in a sane world, so the last sentence - a little piece of LARPing - should be tucked away in the back of your head when the time comes to rebuild Western Civilization. A few years ago an area of rural Colorado that was so frustrated by the bullying tactics of the populous SWPL citadels attempted to secede. While this attempt failed, what is important isn't the tactic, it's the intent and the sentiment. White ruralites, who outpace their SWPL brethren in births, are fucking pissed. They're so angry that they threw a Hail Mary to elect Donald fucking Trump to the highest office of the United States. If Leftist Whites had any awareness whatsoever outside of a finger on the pulse of whatever grants them the most status per syllable, they would be utterly terrified of what White ruralites might do next. The only thing that remains to screen them from the wrath of Heritage America are their wayward minority mercenaries, and it appears that their ability to control the ascendant part of the Coalition of the Ascendant is all but spent. If they find themselves hemmed in on all sides, so be it. Let them perish. They deserve no sympathy, and allowing them to remain, to procreate, and to intermingle among Heritage America will only ensure that the sickness inside them propagates among future generations. At some point, the most wretched of our tribe must be physically, materially and spiritually expelled from our ranks.

The ultimate target isn't minorities. Its not Jews or Negros or Mestizos. Everything is a smokescreen blocking us from seeing the absolutely most pressing issue: We must remove the sickness of White Liberalism to secure a future for White children. White Liberalism is the thermal exhaust port of Globalism, Inc, the glue holding our insane world together. Everything else we do is potshots that will never amount to anything. Dylan Roof was a catastrophic failure because he targeted minorities, around whomst the Coalition of the Ascendant rallied. Anders Breivik was resoundingly successful because he executed the children of White Norwegian Socialists. No minorities rallied to their cause. Convert whoever can be. Do not expect much success there. Purge the rest. The only strategy that can possibly work against the "Diversity Is Our Strength" crowd is divide and conquer, but the first domino to fall must, must be White Leftism, or else the fractious coalition will rally together. Without White Leftism gluing them together, Negros and Hispanics and Transexuals and Muslims will quickly fall into infighting. Minorities of all varieties only take advantage of us because they see us as supplicating and weak. Minority experience of Whites is largely confined to the educated SWPL class, which taints their perception of Whites as a group. If minorities are made to see Whites as an armed, hostile and monolithic group ready willing and able to defend themselves, their leaders will quickly move to the negotiating table, because at one point in time all of these groups went toe to toe with armed White hostiles and lost. Hard.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Your Memes Are Shit, Vol. I of MCDLXXXVIII

I found this gem the other day. Notice, if you will, that this amusing little clip hits everything in all the right places. If I were a cultural anthropologist that had to explain to you the difference between the increasingly popular camps of the dissident Right and the failing, cracking foundations of Liberal Progressivism, I'd use this as my prime example.

Now, you might look a this and say, yes, well it is reasonably well constructed, and the anon who made it certainly put a lot of work into it. The doppler effect on "Sandstorm" is a particularly nice touch. But what makes this, of all things, stand out?

Well I'll tell you, anon.

It's the small details. The small details are self-referential, which in and of itself can be either good, or bad, depending on who you ask. For example, I've heard a few people say that they thought Borderlands was hilarious, and I've heard a few people say they hated the self referential humor. Anyways, what's interesting about the self-referential humor here is that it bridges quite a bit of 4chan's noble history. 4chan is interesting because it is essentially a massive engine of content generation. Others have mused at length about how this came to be, and the consensus appears to be something like this: 4chan's anonymous nature, removing the "I" from the equation, forces content into a weird crucible where merit is weighed without factoring identity. Everyone, aside from the universally reviled tripfags, is an anon, and therefore what exists beyond the words on the screen is irrelevant. Over the span of time and the progression of posts and threads, content sinks or swims based off of whether it gets a reaction. This has created a long string of in-jokes, and beyond that a nigh imperceptible string of failed jokes. What is even more interesting about 4chan is that /pol/ is a sort of breeding ground for disaffected right-wing types. Some of it is tongue in cheek, some of it is serious, and the degree to which an idea belongs in either category is... dubious, at times. The constant shitposting, even if some happens to come from CTR or ShareBlue, only seems to make /pol/ stronger. Prolonged exposure to 4chan generally, but particularly /pol/, increases the likelihood that the user will end up getting red pilled.

The other thing that is humorous about the .webm above is that it uses Star Wars as a medium. Anyone who is aware of the college-tier Leftist obsession with mass media will appreciate taking something precious from the enemy and ruining it.

College Republicans, like broken clocks, have their uses.
The unfortunate part of the .webm above is that I cannot explain it to an outsider. Memes only travel downstream. If I have to explain Boxxy to you, this meme is going to go over your head. It is interesting, however, being on the other side of the looking glass, so to speak.

I had someone send me a text image making fun of fat people. The text was styled exactly like the "it was my privilege" greentext stories that floated around about the time Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin. I didn't bother to explain where that came from or why it was popular - this person does not browse 4chan - but I was a little amused, and a little hopeful. What is good, what is really good that comes out of 4chan may have more of an effect on the gen-pop than anyone yet realizes. Like I said, this stuff is flowing downstream, and it'll be interesting to see where that takes us. 4chan's incivility ultimately provides the ammo a newer, younger old-style Right needs to emerge as the undisputed champion of the whole Right wing (Nationalist wing?) of the political spectrum. Its worth going into more detail on other thoughts about memetic warefare, but that's for another day.

In the mean time, to scratch the surface of weird territory I'm still not quite ready to descend into: Within the past couple of years, Russia stopped allowing the adoption of Russian orphans by American couples. Food for thought.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Punching Down

Hoisted by their own petard.

Its almost been beaten to death but why not give CNN one more kick for old times sake? What really catches my eye every time I read someone's take on CNN's antics is this line:

"CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change."

The optics of this whole affair are... not good. I have jokingly referred to Trump Derangement Syndrome but there is probably a fair bit more truth to the matter than as a sort of humorous jab at our globalist overlords and their blue-haired lackeys. Part of me has sympathies for the 'hidden truth' crowd that claims to one degree or another that the establishment's histrionics over der TrumpenfΓΌhrer stem from a fear that his presidency will result in the revelation of information that would be fatal to their wealth, prestige, power, and perhaps their lives. Whatever you think it is, and there is some fairly compelling evidence suggesting a much more complex story than what appears at surface level, only time will tell.

But a larger part of me thinks of those insufferable busybody moralists that occupy colleges and universities. Let's run through this one more time, shall we?

Trump retweets a .gif that puts CNNs logo on Vince McMahon as Trump attacks him during Wrestlemania 23's "Battle of the Billionaires". CNN and other media outlets respond with huffing indignation and histrionics claiming that Trump is sanctioning violence against media personalities. CNN then sets the full force of its industry to the cause of outing the memesmith who created the humorous image, and after discovering the identity of said memesmith, allegedly through a cucky apology that the stereotypical r/The_Donald denizen would offer up, CNN publishes an article where they essentially humblebrag that they've got this kid by the balls.

To the whole fucking world! They just put it up, right there!

Hello there, we are a gigantic corporation with more yearly revenue than you and your stupid hick family and stupid hick friends and your entire stupid hick town in flyover country will generate over the course of their entire lives. We have decided that we do not like the tone of your memes, and should you produce any more content that we find disagreeable, we will feed you to our army of rabid blue hairs.

To that sort of thing, I can only say:
Talk shit, get hit.
Also, Breivik did nothing wrong.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Hell Hath No Fury

Everything is being pulled in a million directions at once. A single trend taken to its logical or projected conclusion may end up being wrong. For instance, the pending population explosion of Africa rests in part on the assumption that food and space will always be available. What if the West runs out of money? What if after the 68ers die off, the borders are shut? I cannot say any more than you, although I will say that the fatalism of certain camps is.... annoying.

That's neither here nor there.

From the New York Post: Punk rock ISIS widow wants to go home.
You can tell she's the sort of person that, like, really challenges systems of oppression and stuff.
Pretty lulzy. Sally Jones, who also goes by the nom de guerre Umma Hussain al Britani, is apparently a former punk rocker and "benefits mother". What is particularly lulzy is that Jones, the sort of person from the sort of camp that resents the patriarchy of White men abandoned the West for the free and exhilarating life as... an Arab's wife. A jihadi, no less.

The fate of our intrepid Huwhyte Jihadette is irrelevant, but I raise half a glass to the vaguely amusing thought of this weeping widow meeting her end the same way as her husband went: Scattered across the barren landscape of Outremer, mourned only by desert tribalists with room temperature IQs.

The aging visage of Sally Jones did give me pause, however. She looks strikingly similar to a number of rather silly White women I have met over the years - particularly in college. When we were younger, and when they did not bear the telltale signs of hyper-hedonism, the free-spirited "liberated" women I knew had a certain charm about them. They were fun to drink with, fun to chase, etc.

Alas, time is a crueler mistress than the most fickle woman. I, your humble wordsmith, happen to have access to the nearly unlimited credit line my White-Male-Heterosexual Privilege Card™ grants me, whereas my former paramores, regrettably, do not. Really, staying active, regulating my alcohol consumption and maintaining a balanced diet have helped me stave off the early signs of aging that have long since pushed the girls I used to know to the outer edges of the sexual market. What is darkly amusing about the girls I used to know is that, like a fat girl browsing the 'petite' section of some retail chain, most of them are completely blind to the depreciation in value their lifestyles have wreaked upon the only part of them that really matters: Their bodies. I have it on good information that a number of these girls are still pushing lines of cocaine (or what they've been told was cocaine) up their noses on the regular, God bless their souls. And by good information, I mean Snapchat.

Occasionally it dawns on one of them that something somewhere went horribly wrong, but I've never had any of them articulate with any reasonable degree of precision what that something might be. No, I am not exactly expecting a woman to trot out some stylized Moldbugian rhetoric precisely explaining how they exchanged family formation for cocks and careerism, but the best I've gotten from the handful I've seen descend into tears is this vague understanding that they are unhappy. Maybe in a decade when 40 is fast approaching they'll be able to articulate it better, like this unfortunate wench, who I'm linking to for a second time now. It never gets old, but to be honest, the article is a brutal let down compared to the low effort 4chan memes making fun of this poor soul. There certainly is an element of "serves you right" that comes with reading this article. There are several others I've read over the past few years, with one particularly haunting suicide from a cute 29 year old who feared she would die alone and childless (and so she did). But because I am not in the MRA camp and do not have the requisite bitterness towards women that the incel life grants to many young men, there is a strong element of sadness that comes with reading about troubled women, not to mention seeing it in the flesh.

Whatever sympathies I may have for former career girls who belatedly realize that money and promotions is far less satisfying than continuing the family line, I have no sympathy to offer those who have become particularly deranged:

Swedish social workers are apparently banging their refugee clients.

It all makes sense now, doesn't it? I think others have commented at length about this peculiar revelation, so instead of rehashing that, I offer you this:

Steve Sailer has made a pretty big to-do about the projected population explosion of Africa. In all fairness to Steve, the pressing matter of Africa's practically exponentially increasing population should concern everyone who doesn't want their countries overrun by the sort of people who can't make their own function. I'll leave that arena to Steve, who has a far greater reach than most of us ever will.

That said, there is another sort of population explosion, or really demographic explosion, headed down the pipes. With the rise of career girls, there will eventually be a rapid increase in the number of lonely white women. In fact, I suspect that the occasional "I left the love of my life and now regret it because I'm 40 and the dating pool is slim" articles are the early tip of that iceberg. Like my former paramores, Millennial generation women may one day wake up, look in a mirror and gasp in horror at their self-made doom.

What then? Surely it is no great loss to Whites that the sort of Whites who don't particularly care for White heritage are lost to genetic oblivion, but that's a far longer term observation. Will they go quietly into the night, flee to the convents, or will we end up like Sweden, where aging feminists have resorted to harvesting refugee clients so they can get some dick, now that they're old and Swedish-Swedes no longer pay any attention to them? How much of the short sighted Swedish social workers' sexual behavior is explicitly in the vein of "fuck you dad"? And will that sort of thing ever show up here?

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Quality Control

The common and fashionable way of thinking claims that America is divided between White and non-White. While indeed common and fashionable, this is also very surface level. People who frame politics this way - garden variety Millennial liberals, for instance - are not particularly insightful. Digging a little deeper, the Alt-Right claims that America is a captured nation, that the new Judeo-Globalist elite use third worlders as a gigantic stick to beat down Heritage America. This is a little better, but also causes the Alt-Right to fall into a sort of psychosis or downward spiral where the Jew is behind everything. To be honest, the Daily Shoah is sometimes hard to listen to because I get tired of hearing the same lines about the Hebrews. Whatever coin clutching malfeasance is currently in the spotlight - and there is no end to it, as I am sure you are well aware - this still is not a fully accurate description of the source of American political conflict.

The United States of America is a White nation currently in the midst of a cold White on White civil war. Minorities of all varieties are [currently] ancillaries. It is true that there are major non-White factions, but all of them are organized under the banner of White Leftism. White Leftists, by their nature, do not have the numbers, the martial acumen, the toughness or any sort of safe redoubt by which they may wage war on their provincial brethren. Minority groups essentially serve as mercenaries, barriers and cannon fodder for White Leftists. In exchange for attacking provincial Whites and serving as a distracting foil for the seething hatred the White Leftist feels for flyover country, the Left grants minority groups resources extracted from productive Whites. This, of course, is a classic deal with the devil. No matter how disparagingly you might view La Raza or Black Lives Matter, you cannot deny that there is a degree of self-interest in their activities, and the full breadth and width of their agency is wholly concerned with fulfilling their own needs. Some minority groups have far greater agency than others, which is why you find a disproportionate number of Ashkenazim at the upper strata of society. None the less, the less endowed, slow though they may be literally and otherwise, grow in strength and encroach upon the territory of White Leftism. That the roll of White Leftists as leaders of the Coalition of the Ascendant was downgraded from dubious to doubtful may cause some White Leftists to flee Postmodernism in the same way that White men fled Occupy Wall Street when it devolved into an identity shit-flinging festival. There are quiet rumblings of a sort of "Alt-Left", where disenchanted Bernie Bros are [allegedly] starting to realize that their dreams of socialism are being cock-blocked by burdensome minorities. Perhaps, only time will tell.

Millennial Leftists are particularly sensitive to prestige, and while at present Whites can still harvest prestige through flaunting their Leftist credentials, the Law of Diminishing returns and the demands of minorities that allied Whites shut up and follow their lead suggests that at some point, the prestige granted to Whites by being obedient, goodthinkful Leftists will be outweighed by the pain and shame inflicted by the wayward mercenaries the Left hired to fight their backwards, provincial brethren. If that comes to pass, we may see a massive conversion of Leftists into White identitarians. As I have said previously, for the TRS/Daily Stormer crowd this is a good thing. Their most pressing concern is that they need more bodies, without which they will have trouble making demands that the USG must take seriously.

Sympathetic though I am to the goys at TRS, I don't think that the pressured conversion of self-deprecating White Leftists to White identitarians would be anything more than a stop gap. Should Whites claim a White homeland, should the minorities be sent elsewhere and should a reckoning come to deal with the malfeasance of Globalism, Inc. there still remains an issue within the White population, namely that Whites abandoned eugenic selection pressure vis-a-vis reproductive quality control when Whites abandoned Feudalism. White people are wildly overbred, and I strongly suspect that what makes White Leftists so insufferable is not merely their ideology. Yes, the blue hairs are at best annoying and at worst the most wretched sort of traitors, but my suspicion is that the social conditioning program of Postmodernism isn't the only variable accounting for their wretched state. I'm not sure that you can necessarily condition someone to be insufferable, to have an unwarranted sense of self importance, to have a drive to constantly out-signal one another, etc. Postmodernism is the vector, but the disease may come from something else. I cannot currently quantify my suspicions, but perhaps this points us in the right direction:

Decline in White IQ from 1889 through 2004

Estimating IQ through simple reaction times, scientists claim that the average White IQ has depreciated by one full standard deviation. This fits neatly with a history lesson I first became aware of through Curt Doolittle of the Propertarian Institute. The advent of the Feudal/Manorial system created a highly eugenic selection pressure on Europeans by excluding those who could not form families and contribute to the economy, and by brutally hanging criminals. The end result of centuries of this pressure created the conditions by which high IQ, socially cohesive Europeans eventually negated their eugenic progression. With the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution the culling of those who couldn't slowed and eventually outbreeding accelerated, resulting in a general decline in the quality of Whites. Where our estimated average IQ once rivaled Ashkenazim, today we're barely above 100.

Whether there is a parallel decline in the quality of our character is a matter I can only speculate upon, but my gut feeling points to yes.

None the less, despite Progressive Liberalism's attempts to foil biology, today there seems to be another selection pressure hard at work upon the demographic groups fighting over the marrow and bones of Weimerica. There is a striking discrepancy between the birthrate of White conservatives and White liberals. White conservatives reproduce at slightly above replacement rate, while White liberals don't even come close. Others have made the same observation, that each new generation of Whites is more and more dominated by children sired by conservative parents, such that Generation Z is being [perhaps prematurely] dubbed "Generation Zyklon". There is, of course, some bleed-over from conservative parents who lose their children to the clutches of academia, but how consequential this loss is as a percentage of the would-be conservative population remains to be seen. Furthermore, something that gives the Generation Zyklon meme some serious legs is the fact that White youngsters are being lectured to death by cunty blue hairs that have fully embraced Postmodern dildo worship that berates them for the sin of being White in a nation that is increasingly not White. Very few of my peers from my Catholic School days still go to church, and given that Postmodernism is more virulent, more abrasive, more screeching and tyrannical than even the worst lecturer I have ever encountered in Christendom... I suspect that there will be some serious blow back.

Less commented on is the dysgenic effect the modern world may be having on minorities. The immediate cause of the low White liberal birthrate is that liberal women put off family formation in favor of careerism, which tends to lead to regrets down the road. The same academic-industrial complex compels minorities to favor careerism over family formation, but there is a pretty serious caveat:

Intelligence may be a more profound selector with regards to minorities entering university than Whites. Low average-IQ populations that qualify for affirmative action have a much shallower bench, as it were, of high IQ individuals. It is true that there are 150 IQ Blacks, the issue is that there are not many of them. Were Black America run competently, those select few 150 IQ individuals would be husbanded to increase the relative percentage of Blacks with similar levels of intelligence vis-a-vis heredity, while suppressing the lowest echelons of Blacks through some sort of sterilization program. Black America is, of course, run wildly incompetently, adversely pressured by clever rent-seekers among the Black population that only seek to enhance their wealth and prestige, and further pressured by White Leftists who place a higher premium on garish and very public displays of fake-altrusim than they do on finding solutions that work. Affirmative action none the less requires a higher degree of intelligence, in that Blacks who simply can't hack it in the ivory tower will end up washing out of their degree programs, sending them back to the ghetto as it were. Having a much shallower pool to draw from, and losing a substantial portion of that pool to careerism at the expense of reproduction is probably going to be a disaster for the African American community, and maybe Hispanics too.

Populations are dynamic, not static. Selection pressure moves them one way or another, and given enough authority and enough time you could forge a nation to rival peak White civilization out of darkest Africa. Regrettably, we're doing the opposite here and across the ocean by constraining the highest quality individuals and fully subsidizing the reproduction of the lowest quality individuals. It may be several steps ahead of our current predicament, so much so that it probably is not worth giving a whole lot of consideration at present, but eventually, even with the advent of ubiquitous ethno-nationalism, without a permanent social institution culling the lowest quality among us, the White populations will continue to experience a decline in quality. It is a massive mistake to assume that by simply removing the Jews, the Negros, the Hispanics and the Muslims, everything will carry on as happily as we want it to. Whatever arises out the ashes of the American Empire must, must keep a clear focus on biological realities, both external and internal.

If there's a silver lining to all of this, it's that the lowest quality Whites seem to be the most liberal, and the least likely to have children.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Becoming Unhinged

From NBC News: House Democrats Attempting New Strategy To Remove Trump

You can't help but wonder what, exactly, is going on. I don't much indulge in conspiracy theories. While they are interesting and a sort of fun idle amusement, there's too much background noise to get a clear picture on certain topics.

Trump Derangement Syndrome affects the lower echelons of the Left because young Leftists aspire to elite status. Leftists, millennials in particular, are exceptionally sensitive to social rank, and take cues from the actual ruling elite. Because the ruling elite themselves have reached levels of derangement heretofore thought impossible, the masses take note and follow along. Behaving like the elite is a cheap and easy way to posture as elites. The only real question that remains to be answered with regards to pleb behavior is how much of the outrage machine will be mitigated by an improved economy? When people have jobs, money, and other ancillary concerns they tend to worry about politics a lot less. For what its worth, if the economy improves and if it becomes increasingly hard to pretend that life in the Trumpenreich is as bad as Hitler's Germany vis-a-vis jobs, falling crime rates, etc. then anticipate a decline in enthusiasm among rank and file Leftists. Over time, the culling of those whose support is not quite at the level of a True Believer (Bernie Bros might be the biggest demographic slice here) will leave only the elites and the blue hairs.

But none of that really concerns me.

Far more disturbing is the behavior of the elites. I suspect that even after the aforementioned legislation fails, they will get right back up and try something new. It is curious that they don't seem to realize the danger their behavior poses to their already tenuous grasp on power. With each failed narrative, their authority fails and more of Heritage America gets ready to make a cold civil war go live. Their behavior, particularly the assassination/morality plays, also seeps into the rank and file, who have a much larger set of mentally unhinged actors as a percentage of their population than the Right currently does. James T. Hodgkinson's Facebook was essentially a small devotional altar to the living gods of Progressive Leftism. He most certainly thought himself a martyr. The incessant crusade to remove Trump from office, essentially blowing through all the political capital in their reserves, vaguely reminds me of a scene from John Gardner's novel Grendel, where the creature Grendel is confronted by, and easily evades, a charging bull that futilely attacks him in the exact same fashion despite the lack of effect.

The question that remains to be answered, that I cannot answer, is whether or not the elite and the media are attacking Trump because they are wayward and stupid like the bull in Grendel, or because they are rationally deducing that Trump remaining in office will be a catastrophe for them.

It is entirely possible that the meta-organization of the Left, which is entirely calibrated to stay on the offensive, is completely out of their element when they're forced to defend. This may explain why none of these people have given much thought to the rumblings of hatred and rage pouring out from the hinterlands, or "flyover country" as they disparagingly call it. Removing Trump from office is sure to set off political violence, if not an outright civil war. That said, considering how devious, determined and clever the Left generally is, I can't help but suspect that the quest to remove Trump from office is a desperate last stand to hide some sort of horrible truth, and that there is far more going on here than anyone fully sees.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Entryism is a great topic for a first post.

This guest post on Aurini's blog really activated my almonds.

Bechtloff makes some interesting observations about SJWs who like to get people fired, the self-appointed referees of politics, the mixing of the two and some degree of rightward drift. His observations, however thoughtful, seem to leave some room for filler details - the why specifically. Having spent an inordinate amount of time around millennials who enjoy the great Weimerican sport of social status climbing, I'm going to add some thoughts and predictions.

The mixing of SJWs and "above it all" moderate referees who only chase low hanging fruit like feminism is ideologically inconsistent. This is where Bechtloff touches on the truth, but then never really follows through. There's a consistency in all of this, it just ain't ideological.

Unlike Bechtloff, until Lacey Green goes full 1488, I don't believe a word she - or anyone else for that matter - says about their new appreciation for marginally less Left-wing positions, because I generally don't believe a thing millennials say period.

Why? Because millennials are obsessed with status. There are entire ecosystems within the great, rotting human garbage dumps of Weimerica filled with white and white presenting millennials who live and die to signal. Every ounce of their industry, twenty four hours a day, three hundred and sixty five days a year, covering every aspect of their aesthetics, their presentation, their linguistic affectation, the books they claim they've read, their social circles... every single thing these people do is precisely augmented to accumulate signals in the incessant game of social rankings. Yes, even their politics. Actually, especially their politics. It is remarkable that despite the fact that every conservative parent knows that their millennial offspring are spoiled, lazy, narcissistic, and selfish oxygen thieves, somehow their politics are unaffected by their qualitative deficiencies. Yes indeed, despite all other demonstrations that suggest the contrary, when millennials preach about racism and oppression there is absolutely no inner calculation that uses unwarranted self-importance and lust of social regard as an operating function. No sir, not at all. Never, ever, for one moment doubt that the millennial obsession with confronting grievous displays of irrational hatred and racism such as poop swastikas of dubious origin and white kids eating sushi is founded on anything but the purest, most selfless and altruistic intentions.

I don't know who needs a beating more, the selfie generation or their parents who somehow fail to notice that perhaps the millennial obsession with rectifying social ills is not in the slightest founded on any sort of sense of good purpose or good will, but rather is an extension of their own desire to be seen as heroic without burning the requisite calories.

Anyways, back to Bechtloff's head scratcher:

There is no such thing as a 'true believer'. The ideology of the Cathedral is less important than what devotees get out of it: Power. Everyone knows a dumpy, ugly blue hair. The reason your average blue hair subscribes so fervently to the power of SocJus is not the belief in and of itself but rather because SocJus is - for now - a sort of societal >tgm command on your console. Practically speaking you leap ahead of other people by speaking for and from the power of this weird Christ-less Hyper-Calvinist heresy. Did you not get adequate attention in high school? Are you ugly or weird or have a bad personality? Do you resent Stacey and Chad because they're hot and you're not? Well don't worry about improving your social skills, exercising, running a caloric deficit or making yourself more socially valuable the old fashioned way. With the power of SocJus you don't have to do any hard work whatsoever to raise your social ranking. With the power of SocJus, Chads and Staceys will bend to your will, grovel at your command. They have been conditioned by Boomer narrative spinners that the Civil Rights era, coincidentally the heyday of Boomer youth activism, was the apex of Western morality and philosophy, and that deviating from that morality in the slightest is just cause for a brutal societal beat down and the extraction of unearned resources. Didn't get a bid from a fraternity or sorority? Resent that you don't get invited to their bangin ragers? No problemo famalam, just call them racist and the school will be right there, just like your stupid fucking helicopter parents, to put those above you on their knees in supplication, begging for mercy. That is power, but cheap and easy and wholly devoid of obligation, responsibility or the burden of care and foresight.

Now, there's your basic set up. So what happens when this thing called the Law of Diminishing Returns shows up? What happens when Chad and Stacey no longer particularly care, or when the school can't afford any more diversity positions, or when there are so many rent-seekers in the market that you're crowded out? What happens when we hit peak SocJus?

Rightward drift begins.

It's already well on its way. With the waning of the prestige of SocJus comes a pressure to move right. Notice, if you will, the screen-capped tweet the dildoheaded soybean sent out as an invitation to joust for signals at a well established SWPL redoubt. "... in the open marketplace of ideas" is an interesting phrase ripped straight out of Libertarian talking points. This is not something you would normally see from the "free speech isn't hate speech" crowd, because despite their deceptive rhetoric and penchant for corrupting everything they touch, none of them are really former Libertarians or avid readers of the Wall Street Journal or anything associated with the lukewarm Right-ish camps that actually use the phrase "freemarket of ideas". That is a clear, distinctive and indisputably Libertarian-Right meme, and it is interesting as an observed incidence not of Leftist corruption of the Right, but of the Right leaking into the directionless, atomized Left. At some point, the soon-to-be formerly fashionable theory of identity politics and resource extraction hit the law of diminishing returns, where made up identities have become so tiny, so inconsequential and otherwise so repugnant to people who might otherwise cheerfully follow the flattering path to having a Left-of-Center cactus jammed up their ass have begun the process of checking out, ideologically. There's just not that much there there anymore.

Lower-quality Sargon of Akkad's pair of tits is a good early example of whats to come. Women, they say, are naturally inclined to the Left. Maybe. Single women, sure, or at least that's what it seems, but given that there are more women that oppose abortion than men that oppose abortion as a percentage of the population... I'm not sure that's exactly cut and dry.

It is probably more accurate to say that women simply want attention, and will go to wherever they get the most attention, for the best price, and of the highest quality. Given that the pickings among high status Leftist men are... slim, to say the least, prepare for entryism from the female crowd. I'd say that most women you see participating in the new iterations of Right-wing politics (the Alt-Right/Alt-Lite) who don't have husbands should be viewed with an immense amount of suspicion. One can't help but wondering where the fuck Brittany Pettibone's husband is.

If I were to frame this like Roissy, what we're seeing looks something like this: Women chase bad boys, and women are chased by betas. Right now, the Left is full beta, and the bad boys are mingling among the weirdos that have always been on the Far-Right. As the Far-Right grows in number, so too will the relative percentage of bad, dangerous, high-SMV males, and women hungry for attention will flee there too. Look at the difference between Shoe0nhead and Sargon of Akkad.

While both have been on YouTube since 2010, Sargon has produced 786 videos and accumulated 655,317 subscribers. Shoe0nhead has produced 47 videos and has 748,513 subscribers. This isn't exactly a groundbreaking observation or anything but it is absolutely worth re-stressing that women on the internet who are at least marginally attractive will command a LOT of attention. And women, by virtue of high time investment mating strategy seek as high quality attention as they can possibly capture. Put two and two together: As top shelf men of the Left become more and more limited to the celebrity and millionaire caste, women who ultimately can't won't or don't want to be part of a harem are going to look elsewhere. And aside from Left, there is only one other option.

I'm not pointing this out because women and politics are a priori bad news. Generally, yes, I am wildly unimpressed by most women's political opinions, but really its not just the opinion itself, its their style, composure, temperament, rhetoric and the fact that women at the extremities of the political wings (one of which I occupy) tend to be even stranger than the men. I like my women apolitical, by which I mean barefoot pregnant and kitchen-bound.

I'm pointing this out because women, ironically, are a driving force behind the pendulum swinging back from whence it came. With the women and the signalling and white knighting that accompany the women, comes the spiraling. I have long suspected that because modern Leftists are sensitive to prestige and power, rather than ideological consistency, the great nationalist resurgence is headed into a tidal wave once former Bernie Bros begin bleeding into the Alt-Right. Maybe if you're a TRS goy this is a good thing, because, after all, the Alt-Right's preeminent problem is simply a lack of warm bodies.

But I suspect that if everything plays out accordingly, and if after a peaceful divorce or violent secession whites get their ethno-state, without strong selection pressure weeding out low quality whites and preventing them from reproducing, another self-imposed catastrophe will come shortly thereafter.

How Not To Rule

I attended a long string of high school graduations this month. I cannot say I particularly enjoy graduation ceremonies. Even out there, bey...