Thursday, July 6, 2017

Punching Down

Hoisted by their own petard.

Its almost been beaten to death but why not give CNN one more kick for old times sake? What really catches my eye every time I read someone's take on CNN's antics is this line:

"CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change."

The optics of this whole affair are... not good. I have jokingly referred to Trump Derangement Syndrome but there is probably a fair bit more truth to the matter than as a sort of humorous jab at our globalist overlords and their blue-haired lackeys. Part of me has sympathies for the 'hidden truth' crowd that claims to one degree or another that the establishment's histrionics over der TrumpenfΓΌhrer stem from a fear that his presidency will result in the revelation of information that would be fatal to their wealth, prestige, power, and perhaps their lives. Whatever you think it is, and there is some fairly compelling evidence suggesting a much more complex story than what appears at surface level, only time will tell.

But a larger part of me thinks of those insufferable busybody moralists that occupy colleges and universities. Let's run through this one more time, shall we?

Trump retweets a .gif that puts CNNs logo on Vince McMahon as Trump attacks him during Wrestlemania 23's "Battle of the Billionaires". CNN and other media outlets respond with huffing indignation and histrionics claiming that Trump is sanctioning violence against media personalities. CNN then sets the full force of its industry to the cause of outing the memesmith who created the humorous image, and after discovering the identity of said memesmith, allegedly through a cucky apology that the stereotypical r/The_Donald denizen would offer up, CNN publishes an article where they essentially humblebrag that they've got this kid by the balls.

To the whole fucking world! They just put it up, right there!

Hello there, we are a gigantic corporation with more yearly revenue than you and your stupid hick family and stupid hick friends and your entire stupid hick town in flyover country will generate over the course of their entire lives. We have decided that we do not like the tone of your memes, and should you produce any more content that we find disagreeable, we will feed you to our army of rabid blue hairs.

To that sort of thing, I can only say:
Talk shit, get hit.
Also, Breivik did nothing wrong.

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